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Vehicle battle game 'Robocraft' is now completely lootbox-free

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I'm a big fan of Robocraft, a free game where you build your own vehicle and battle with it. Now even more so, since they've removed the last traces of lootboxes.

Instead, you now earn "Robits" for each battle and the amount you earn depends on how you did. This in-game currency can be used for forging together new parts or buying entire robot designs from the factory. On top of that, you also have daily quests to help you earn even more:

It also adds in a new tech tree progression system. You earn points for levelling up, which you then use to unlock specific blocks. Here's mine for example:

They have a premium account to earn XP faster and give you more colours to paint onto your vehicles, as well as cosmetic credits you can buy for other special blocks. For such a game, it's a pretty reasonable business model, especially considering you can pay for a lifetime premium account.

I imagine this is going to bring back a number of people who previously left the game, when they went a bit over the top with the dumbing-down of it with the heavy use of crates/lootboxes.

See the full update notes here. Play for free on Steam, well worth giving it a go. Both myself and my son really enjoy it and now we're going to enjoy it even more since it doesn't thrust boxes in our face. A surprisingly addictive game, I must admit. Constantly tinkering and eventually completely re-building to see if I can make something awesome.

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g000h 19 Jun, 2018
I wonder how many more games developers are going to change their business models in a similar fashion. For a change, I expect this is the result of people voting with their feet.
Gryxx 19 Jun, 2018
Someone can tell me if they still are rejecting distros other then Ubuntu/Debian family? I'm currently out of broadband connection due to new router unfortunate death :'(
RossBC 19 Jun, 2018
Works on Manjaro, so it should technically work on any arch distro. Just tried it!
Gryxx 20 Jun, 2018
Quoting: mortigarWorks on Manjaro, so it should technically work on any arch distro. Just tried it!
I've asked brother, he still has VAC error on launch (Opensuse)
Still, nice to know I'm not limited to Debian-ish distros to play
g000h 20 Jun, 2018
Quoting: Gryxx
Quoting: mortigarWorks on Manjaro, so it should technically work on any arch distro. Just tried it!
I've asked brother, he still has VAC error on launch (Opensuse)
Still, nice to know I'm not limited to Debian-ish distros to play

I'd be tempted with your situation to run a dual-boot system, then if a specific game does not work under distribution A then you can boot up to distribution B and play it instead.

To set up such a system, I'd probably use GPT partitioning and UEFI bootloaders, as well as LVM to partition everything. It would probably take some experimentation to get it just right.

Something "like this"...

500G drive

/dev/sda1 EFI partition 200M
/dev/sda2 boot1 1G
/dev/sda3 boot2 1G
/dev/sda4 LVM partition for volume group vg1 497G

/dev/mapper/vg1-swap swap area (share between distros) 8G
/dev/mapper/vg1-root1 root file system for one of your distros 50G
/dev/mapper/vg1-root2 root file system for another of your distros 50G
/dev/mapper/vg1-home1 /home file system 100G
/dev/mapper/vg1-home2 /home file system ~ might be able to share or not ???G
/dev/mapper/vg1-games /home/games file system, where you tuck away your steam folder ???G

Assuming that you'd mount areas of each distro for each boot environment, i.e. swap area would be shared between both and "maybe" games (steam folder) could be shared between both.

If not sharing any of the Logical Volumes between each boot distro, then you could perhaps arrange it so that your primary distro has bigger Logical Volumes, and your second boot distro has smaller Logical Volume space. Another example below:

/dev/mapper/vg1-swap swap area (share between distros) 8G
/dev/mapper/vg1-root1 root file system for your primary distro 50G
/dev/mapper/vg1-root2 root (inc home) file system for your secondary distro 50G
/dev/mapper/vg1-home1 /home file system for your primary distro 350G

There's quite a number of possible directions you could go with this. I'd also be tempted to consider having very small (empty) home directories, and storing most of my files (docs, video, music, games) in a separate directory structure which I would then access from each distro.

Also, using LVM allows for relatively easy resizing of the partitions should you wish to change things around later.

Last edited by g000h on 20 June 2018 at 8:02 pm UTC
Gryxx 20 Jun, 2018
I love LVM. I 've got some fun using it. Sadly I've got only 2 drives (119GB and 890GB ) and almost 900 GB in data. And currently can't afford another one(or fit in, except M.2, but again price). On top of that- i need Windows (sadly). I'm better of setting up old hardware as nas-like server to store some of that files. I got pretty big stash of parallel ATA drives, so i'm looking to LVM to kinda sort it out. I'm pretty sure i did not throw out my old GTS450, so it could become second gaming rig ;)

PS: But knowing my laziness I'll just use Steam screen casting to play it anyway.

Regardless, thanks for tip
RossBC 22 Jun, 2018
Gryxx got it going on openSUSE
Ended up installing flatpak and installed their version of steam.
FlatPak Steam

Last edited by RossBC on 22 June 2018 at 2:57 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.