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I am always hesitant to cover any crowdfunding campaigns, but I think Voxelnauts has just won me over. All development is done on Linux, they have video's showing it, and it looks like a great game.

It was also mentioned right here on GOL in the latest edition on The Funding Crowd. I feel it deserves some more attention though!

It will see a lot of "Minecraft clone" trolling attempts I'm sure, due to it being blocky, but plenty of games did it before Minecraft. It's just that Minecraft is the most popular around now. I actually felt Minecraft was too basic, so Voxelnauts may fill a hole for me!

The building system looks like a lot of fun, and certainly the weapon variations too!

Voxelnauts: one universe, infinite worlds, with possibilities limited only by your imagination. Your adventure awaits - come play it - come build it.

Inspiration for Voxelnauts is drawn from the threads of the novel Ready Player One, virtual reality, and the melding of retro gaming with the games of the future. Voxelnauts is an MMO Sandbox RPG that allows you to do anything, be anything, and go anywhere.

Every quest begins with a single step. Your first one is on Oasis, the planet where you’ll learn how to navigate the universe of Voxelnauts. It’s where you start out, but it’s far from a starter planet. Use your design skills to attract NPCs who will help you on your adventure and teach you new trades and abilities. Stock up on building materials to make custom creations or buy ready-made items from the Galaxy Bazaar on Deep Space Station 1. Oasis is full of ancient ruins to explore and boundless opportunity to hunt or harvest to your heart’s content without having to start from scratch.

You can see the developers in action in the below video, notice they are using Ubuntu:

I was keen to ask them if all their development is on Linux, or just the one shown in the video, and the reply made me smile a lot:
QuoteYes, we have a built bot running which double checks on windows/mac, but honestly we do all our dev on linux.

I might even have to break my own no-kickstarter rule for this.

I don't usually back Kickstarters, but there's no way this one won't have a Linux version since it's built with it. We should also expect performance to actually be good for us as well. Heck, it's even trending to hit just over the goal, so it looks like it may just scrape by.

Check out Voxelnauts on Kickstarter and help them succeed. They are nearing half of their $200,000 goal, and tons of time left. Article taken from
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loggfreak 28 May, 2015
this is exactly what we need to support
too bad kickstarter doesn't accept paysafecards for backing a project
stss 28 May, 2015
I am completely blown away by this. It looks like an amazing game!
So far it's hitting all the right keys for me. Also, it looks like they will support Valve's Vive too and not just Occulus.

[EDIT]comment changed, as a I just learned the game is planned to be free-to-play eventually and may potentially have an in-game shop, which isn't something I'm a fan of. But I might be able to live with it if the game is as good as it looks.[/EDIT]
edo 28 May, 2015
Which engine is this game using? Its interesting than it can be developed using ubuntu.
GustyGhost 29 May, 2015
They develop on Linux? I must fund them on that principle alone. Also the game looks great.
Qantourisc 29 May, 2015
Quoting: edoWhich engine is this game using? Its interesting than it can be developed using ubuntu.
Usually custom build, since not a log of voxel engines out there :)
Edit: and at first sight the dev video shows some code typical for custom build engines.
cjxgm 29 May, 2015
And they use Vim!
coeseta 29 May, 2015
I already backed it, because it looks awesome. To me the game looks like someone took a bowl and mixed Minecraft with Starbound spiced it with a pinch of Secret of Mana. But that is really an awesome combination.

That they use Linux for development and support also the VIVE is the cherry on top imo :)
Qantourisc 29 May, 2015
Quoting: cjxgmAnd they use Vim!
Correction: And he use gvim.
Nanobang 29 May, 2015
Quoting: Qantourisc
Quoting: cjxgmAnd they use Vim!
Correction: And he use gvim.
Correction of correction: And he uses gvim. :D
marcelomendes 29 May, 2015
Ah man, it is almost a perfect project to back, but free2play with micro-transactions, really? I hate this thing, because from this to pay2win is a thin line, I am leaning to back this, but this is something that bother me.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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