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Wargame: Red Dragon, Strategy Game Released For SteamOS Linux

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Today Wargame: Red Dragon has its official Linux release, although the developers refer to it as SteamOS which is a sign of things to come. The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc.

I feel we will see a lot more developers stating SteamOS rather than Linux in the future, I keep saying it and this will most likely be the first of many. Even the big splash banner on the Store-front says SteamOS.

1991: the two blocs confront each other in a new theatre of war, Asia, joined by various other countries: Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

You command the military resources of all 17 nations involved, assembling your fighting force from a phenomenal selection of 1,450 units that have been meticulously reproduced from their source! Command tanks, planes, helicopters, new warships and amphibious units in intense battles of unequaled tactical depth. Master the relief of varied, ultra realistic battlefields, dominate the new maritime areas and rewrite history in a conflict that has been directed and designed in stunning detail by development studio Eugen Systems.

Wargame Red Dragon is thrilling in single-player mode with its new dynamic campaign system, and also offers an extensive multiplayer mode where up to 20 players can compete against each other simultaneously.

Looks like the Linux version is 64bit only too judging from the system requirements, and holy hard drive requirements batman you need 20GB of space for it!

I actually own Wargame: AirLand Battle and Wargame: European Escalation and found them to be really quite hard to get into, did anyone else find that? I wonder what the learning curve is like in Red Dragon, it sure does look fantastic though.

Grab it on Steam.
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Pinguino 19 May, 2014
The only problem I see with using "SteamOS" instead of "Linux" is that I can't read that name without picturing John Stamos. :|
Bob 19 May, 2014
One of my favorite games, worth the price.
@_@ 19 May, 2014
The Thing is using a Name like SteamOS over Linux is really good marketing same as google and Android and ChromeOS or Ubuntu if you remove Linux the fear with Linux FUD go's away also from the looks of it this game is 64bit only on Linux :)
Anonymous 19 May, 2014
Uff, bought the game, played it a bit ... it's fast, and you have to be fast reacting on situations :p
PizzaDude 19 May, 2014
64-bit only......NOOOOOPE
Joe 20 May, 2014
This one is a tough game. Very rewarding if you're able to win a (multiplayer) round, _very_ frustrating if you lose.

I played Wargame: Red Dragon already under Windows and it ran very well. If the predecessor Wargame: Airland Battle is any indication, Linux performance will be much worse however. I'll report back in the next days with Linux impressions.
Torp 20 May, 2014
SteamOS might mean it's only playable with a controller? Which is pretty dumb for a strategy game...
Anonymous 20 May, 2014
I play with mouse/keyboard, no problem there.

Performance in linux (for me) is pretty good (using nvidia proprietary though)
Mike 20 May, 2014
Just as I posted a comment on Drunken Robot Pornography being part of a trend of games being ported to Linux before OSX, I see this one too! That's really encouraging to see that.
Joe 20 May, 2014
So I just gave this one a spin under Ubuntu 14.04 with the closed AMD drivers and have to say that performance is much improved over Airland Battle. It's perhaps only 20% below Windows speeds now, based on the settings I had to reduce in order to get the same framerate. Overall it's still running very well though. I'm positively surprised.

The only major issue appears to be that it is currently not possible to join multiplayer games due to a version number mismatch.
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The comments on this article are closed.