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We are not done yet

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We are here once again, aren't we? TheBoss has announced his resignation from and it's once again up to us to figure out where to go from here. The past few months have been quite bumpy and obviously this is going to throw some wrenches into our gears.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Liam leaving us is a massive hit and it's going to take a lot of doing to get back on track once again but I'm not ready to throw in the towel. I believe GOL is an important resource to Linux gamers both old and new and also game developers who want to create Linux ports and interact with the Linux community. We've been an up-to-date news website and in addition to just reporting new releases we have also highlighted issues in Linux ports and Linux gaming in general and helped to fix those issues, even if by a little bit. The IRC and our forums have seen all kinds of people wanting help with problems they've encountered or simply asking for someone to play some awesome games with.

In a nutshell: GOL has become something bigger and better many of us probably expected. To me it's simply too important to simply call “GG” and give up. Luckily we already have a battle plan to get through this but it requires everyone's efforts.

We are going to turn GOL into a community-oriented website. This means that we are going to rely more on you, the community. Liam has put a lot more effort into this website than any single one of us can and thus it's necessary for us to work together to patch the hole that has appeared on the side of this website. If you find a topic you want to write an article about or a game release we haven't reported, please do familiarize yourself with the “Submit Article” button on the sidebar. Naturally you won't go unrewarded. If you write enough good quality articles you will be given a rank of Contributing Editor and eventually you will be promoted to full Editor status. These ranks give you all of the privileges of GOL Supporters free of charge. Most of the internal communication is going to be handled through the IRC channel, so head there if you want to ask questions or need help with submitting articles. Or if you simply want to chat, it's the right place for that too.

I'm going to stay loyal to this website and continue writing articles (mainly the GOL Casts), moderate the forums/comments and try to keep us organized on the IRC to the best of my ability. School takes up a lot of my free time though, so you can't expect me to publish more than one or two articles of my own per week. What I can do is check and publish user submitted articles on the queue which I will try to monitor daily.

I'm going to hold a livestream on Friday at 5 PM UTC at where you can join in on the discussion and hopefully we can make some sense out of this situation. With your help I'm sure we can pull through but some changes are inevitable. Article taken from
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I'm a Linux gamer from Finland. I like reading, long walks on the beach, dying repeatedly in roguelikes and ripping and tearing in FPS games. I also sometimes write code and sometimes that includes hobbyist game development.
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Waikano 7 Oct, 2014
And I just discovered Linux Gaming..was just going to try it out for a year, then I discovered this website added them to my I rarely even boot into my Windows Machine... :-/ I hope this community effort works out.
Shmerl 7 Oct, 2014
It's a pity that some hatefull trolls caused Liam to quit. I guess it's not easy to ignore their ilk. I discovered GOL relatively recently and appreciate all the good work that GOL did to cover developments surrounding the Linux gaming. I hope those who value it will help keep it going with more contributed articles.
Apopas 7 Oct, 2014
EKRboiIts one of the main reasons I have never made an acct on Phoronix.. too many idiots over there.
And too many great guys with deep knowledge of technology. Who cares for the idiots?
Apopas 7 Oct, 2014
ApopasBut is Liam agreed to pass the ownership of the site to the community?
Yes, he has shown green light to the community-focus on Reddit and in a private message to me... Liam remains as the official owner of GOL but in his absence I am going to assume "control" with the other editors for now.
The things are not so simple however. If the site is going to be run by the community, then the community needs an official statement about where the money from the supporters go, how are we gonna pay the bills and what happens if ever Liam decides to return. IMHO it will be very beneficial for the site if Liam quits from every ownership claim and passes it officially to a team, because people tend to offer their wallets easier toward an organization or an idea rather than toward a physical person.
I'm all for an absolutely community driven GOL.
sub 7 Oct, 2014
Liam stepping back even made it to almighty Phoronix:
Hamish 7 Oct, 2014
Personally I will try to get more involved with GoL again, but I must admit that my interest in Linux gaming has actually been waning for the past year or so making it difficult for me to put in the effort.

I do have several reviews that are half-written, and several articles that I do want to write, but I have been spending so little time playing games and have largely lost interest in most upcoming titles to the extent that I must admit to being something of a dead weight on here. To be honest I was much more interested in the Linux gaming scene two years ago than I am today.

I will try and get more involved again with editing and approving submissions since that should hopefully be a growth area, and I will try to get at least one more of my hefty articles published within the next two weeks, but with other things like the farm and my other writing taking up my time, not to mention the fact that I have a girlfriend now, we will just have to see how much time I have left to devote to this.

Not the most helpful thing I could write, but it is the truth. Hopefully I can pull the rag out and get some of my backlog published.
Liam Dawe 7 Oct, 2014
I feel the need to chime in this once on the topic.

Any funds taken from Patreon will still be used towards GamingOnLinux, only now with the funds distributed as needed to any editors that step up towards games, hardware, whatever as needed.

I urge anyone not comfortable with anything to remove their pledges. No hard feelings, as it's of course your money. I will also update my own article to reflect this, and the Patreon has already been updated directly.

I will still be dealing with the accounting as I am the owner, so turning on GOL Premium for people, sites coding, hosting issues etc. I just quit writing articles as I'm crap at PR and taking the shit from people.
Tux1c 7 Oct, 2014
I am really glad the site continues to live on, and really sad Liam is leaving.
I just have one little (maybe inappropriate?) question.
I've sent a mail yesterday, and I guess it got forwarded to Liam, as he now leaves GOL, what's up with my tip? Is he going to forward it to you guys or should I re-send?
Liam Dawe 7 Oct, 2014
Anything sent to me is sent onto Samsai.
EKRboi 7 Oct, 2014
EKRboiIts one of the main reasons I have never made an acct on Phoronix.. too many idiots over there.
And too many great guys with deep knowledge of technology. Who cares for the idiots?

I didn't say I don't read the site or that I don't scroll the comments from time to time, but I have 0 desire to get involved in the comment section of the articles over there. Too much "sh*tMD", NvidiaSux", "Screw Michael, he sux" "OMFG KILL Poettering, HES KILLING LINUX".. that's the crap I'm talking about, the "type" of crap that has Liam "leaving" us. I'm not talking about the content of the articles, and I actually like Michael from what I "know" of him.

EDIT* I hope to see Liam pop his head in and comment with us. This whole thing took me by COMPLETE surprise.. I had no idea he was catching crap from trolls that I had never even heard of.
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