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What are you clicking on this weekend and what do you think about it?

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Good morning, it's question time here again on GamingOnLinux as we enter another weekend. Wipe that sleep from your eyes, grab a drink and come chat.

This weekend I have a tasty menu waiting, including some glorious flailing about in Rocket League (40% off on Humble). Even though 99% of my games are mostly me chasing the ball, watching it enter my goal from afar I still find it completely addictive. I'm slowly starting to learn how to do those slick rocket jumps (I even saved a goal by doing one—go me), but they're certainly not easy to be able to pull off.

I will no doubt be pulled into playing some more awesome co-op games with my son, he's recently taken quite a liking to Wizard of Legend which is surprising as it's not exactly an easy game for a younger audience. I think the fact that he can run around with me, as a Wizard and customise what spells he has (as well as using all my damn diamonds buying more) is a big selling point.

I was seriously hoping to finally be able to play the backer beta of Crazy Justice, but sadly Black Riddles Studio's communication has been repeatedly quite poor. The Linux version was supposed to be patched over a week ago which didn't happen, then again it was going to be patched "in the next two days" which also came and went without a word. Sadly, Crazy Justice so far has been a major disappointment.

I will also be testing more of censored which is coming to Linux. Jokes aside, there are a number of games I'm testing that I can't talk about right now, but we're in for a fun year.

So what are you playing this weekend and what do you think about it? Grab a chair, get comfy and let us know.

I will also no doubt be chasing my Rabbit around, telling him off for chewing everything possible.

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Cestus 8 Sep, 2018
some cave games (shmups) on mame
Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo on steam
WorMzy 8 Sep, 2018
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I'll mostly be playing Two Point Hospital, Graveyard Keeper, Mass Effect(P).

TPH: I'm on the third hospital now, and I'm just getting in to the training stuff. I'm enjoying it.

GK: I'm stuck on so many quests until I can get gold star beer. But I can't get hops because the miller won't sell them until "tomorrow", which never seems to come. Other than that, grind grind grind grind.

ME: Done most of the side quests now, so I'm off to confront Benezia.
lucifertdark 8 Sep, 2018
OG SWAT RV@LinuxWarhammer: End Times - Vermintide with Proton.

Must run with out launcher. Runs perfectly.

It is so much fun in coop.
This is next on my list, if I can get it to run at all, if not I'll be trying to get through Dishonored or Hitman Absolution, yes it will work but the method to get it working isn't safe & I can't give details of what I used. I played Hitman Absolution for 2 hrs yesterday with no crashes & starting from the very beginning I got as far as gatecrashing the Police raid on the drug den.

Last edited by lucifertdark on 8 September 2018 at 10:55 am UTC
Kiba 8 Sep, 2018
QuoteSadly, Crazy Justice so far has been a major disappointment.
It looked terrible since day 1. I've been saying this here a lot of times, they just made a BR because it's the trend now.
Janne 8 Sep, 2018
Neverwinter Nights. Reliving the official campaign. Holds up really well, still, though I'm looking forward to try some other modules afterwards.
Faugn 8 Sep, 2018
Gothic (good), after recently playing Mass Effect (so so), Mass Effect 2 (crap, unfinished), Risen (good), and Kingdom of Amalur (crap, unfinished). All of those using Wine staging, except for Kingdom of Amalur (Proton).
Ehvis 8 Sep, 2018
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I'll probably do some more Two Point Hospital, Graveyard Keeper and put a little work into 7 Billion Humans. Then again, it's also time to go back to Borderlands 2 and finish the last DLC. And need to try the new patch of Oxygen Not Included. Choices, choices ....
areamanplaysgame 8 Sep, 2018
Dug deep in the Humble summer sale last night and came away with Dust, Valdis Story (been on a Metroidvania kick lately), and Dungeon Rushers.
LungDrago 8 Sep, 2018
JanneNeverwinter Nights. Reliving the official campaign. Holds up really well, still, though I'm looking forward to try some other modules afterwards.

The expansion campaigns were very good. The vanilla campaign not as much, though I must admit it makes me smile that back in the day I had a lot of fun with a story that's basically a series of fetch quests.
denyasis 8 Sep, 2018
Hopefully, I'll get to play a little Rimworld or maybe Star Trader: Frontiers. But first I have some rush appliance repair I need to do. The parts store closes at lunch time.

Ahhh, the joy of rebuilding a drier in my flood prone basement. So glad we're getting 12.5cm of rain today...
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