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What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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It's reader question time here on GamingOnLinux, something we do infrequently to generate a bit of discussion.

Having seen a number of great Linux releases lately, it's getting tough opening Steam and actually picking something to play. The very new release of Pine has certainly sucked away a lot of my time, something about the world Twirlbound created has seriously pulled me in. It's not without issues though. While forcing my CPU to stay in Performance mode has made it smoother, it definitely needs improving.

Some of the quests in Pine don't seem like they've been thought through enough with the game mechanics. There's a time you need to get special tokens from different types of creatures like gatherers, traders and guards. So to help you're given blueprints for some traps. Something that should be a challenge but I decided to run around the nearest town and just place traps directly in front of every creature around and in the space of 2 minutes it was done. It was really dumb but it worked.

The world in Pine is certainly not as big as it initially seemed either, it doesn't actually take that long to see the entire area. It gives a good illusion of a lot to do but so far it seems a little basic. Don't let me put you off though, I'm thoroughly nitpicking. Still great fun, just not even close to as expansive as expected.

Meanwhile, I've also carried on my playthrough of the latest Factorio release. Maddeningly engrossing. Incredible game, with such a massive amount of depth to it. The complexity isn't even remotely hidden and yet, it feels so ridiculously approachable it's a real joy to play.

Anyway, enough about what I've been clicking on lately. Over to you, what have you been playing recently and what do you think about it? Help your fellow readers find another interesting game to pick up.

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kokoko3k 13 October 2019 at 5:18 pm UTC
Last day of June!
Yep, Epic gave it for free, and epic game store runs on lutris.
Protondb say it is borked, buy it is sufficient to install media foundation libraries (i used this: inside the wine prefix to make it work.
Caveat: Mouse/camera does not work if you start the game from epic game launcher.
So i imported it into steam and set latest proton as the tool to launch it (you've to install media foundation libs into the proton prefix).
Performances are not stellar, but i've read that under windows is the same, and it also froze one time, but not in a subsequent run.
Valck 13 October 2019 at 6:04 pm UTC
X4:Foundations, after a previous abortive start when it came out on GOG (was pressed for time, and the tutorial wasn't exactly helpful). So far, I'm some 120 hours in and enjoying it greatly.

A few sour grapes though: It seems you can't get achievements with the GOG Linux version (might work on Steam, idk). Not that I care at all about achievements, but apparently they are a requirement for playing as one of the races, which sucks.

And "ventures" are a joke, I mean come on, "your" ships can "appear" in other players' universes, what does that have to do with multiplayer? All Egosoft has to do is grab their list of player names, seed a random number generator with it, and everybody can play "multiplayer". Would even work offline... just update the list with each patch... Hey, they could even use that as a selling point – "massive offline multiplayer"!
Not that I'd be interested in them, either; I have played the X games from the very beginning and have never felt that multiplayer was the one thing that was missing. I'd like to paint my ships in rainbow colours though, and apart from a mere handful, guess what - paint mods require you to participate in "multiplayer". Cue "it's just COSMETIC" in a Jim Sterling voice; I feel your pain, Jim, I really do.

So far i haven't felt the need to install mods, but those juicy paint schemes, man...

Last edited by Valck on 13 October 2019 at 6:09 pm UTC
RafiLinux 13 October 2019 at 6:30 pm UTC
  • We. The Revolution via GOG

    Just ended this one. It's the last of the single player games I bought recently to see if SP games are for me. I liked it a lot and it had me hankering for some more reading material around the french revolution.

    I can not put into words whether the game was fun for me or not. I tend to associate video gaming fun with excitement and the rush of adrenaline. This game by it's nature had me pausing and reflecting more on the characters and their plights.

    Overall I enjoyed it but it was very different experience than what I am use to.

  • Splody via

    This is an excellent Bomberman Clone. My wife and I love this game and play a few rounds before bed. Co-op or VS is a lot of fun.

  • Mother Russia Bleeds via GOG

    This game is just becoming a staple of the family gaming experience. Currently, we are unlocking all of the drugs via of Arena.

  • Fatal Fury Special via Humble Bundle/MAME/Mednafen

    There are a few locals coming up for retro-fighters and this is THE FIGHTING GAME, I loved growing up as a kid. It's still lots of fun and the linux release via Humble Bundle and GOG are compatible with MAME. Two of the locals are on original Sega Genesis hardware so I am learning that version also since I never messed with consoles growing up very much.

Last edited by RafiLinux on 13 October 2019 at 6:31 pm UTC
OneSubtractOne 13 October 2019 at 6:47 pm UTC
I've been playing Rise to Ruins a bit lately. I recently played a really long game of Factorio that I enjoyed immensely, but i got to the rocket launching and the only thing left to do was to optimize.. I realize optimization is sort of the point of the game, but I'm less an engineer and more a dude with a hammer... So.
Rise to Ruins is great though. I played for the first time, and died 'cos I forgot to feed anyone. Then I played my second game, and it so far seems to be doing alright except you know, the corruption is coming in fast now and I might be in trouble.
Otherwise, it's just Dead Cells over and over. I suck horribly, I die on like the second zone, whichever it may be... But it's just so much fun.
Nevertheless 13 October 2019 at 7:40 pm UTC
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  • Supporter
NeverthelessI decided to give Pathfinder Kingmaker a pause after >150 hours, because it's so incredibly big that there is no chance to finish it anytime soon. It has very bright sides and some questionable design decisions, but was totally worth playing!
I'm now playing The long journey home on Proton. It really reminds me of one of my all time favourite games: Starflight from 1986, that I played on Amiga around 1991..
Edit: typo
Please convince me to like this game (Pathfinder Kingmaker), expand your impressions. I want to like it but so far I've seen some gameplays and it seemed boring, with lots and lots of windows and inventory and skills management, and very few environments, all very much alike, and generic fights. I want to be proven wrong, you can insult me if it helps.

Also I took a glance at The long journey home. Look amazing, although it does not have a good rating on Steam but I have learned to be skeptical about this rating anyway. Can you tell more?

I don't know if I can convince you to like PK, but I'll tell you what I think of it so far. This game is a bit complicated to judge, so I might need some time to write it down, but I will!
I'm not very far in Tljh at the moment. I'll let you know when I know enough to talk about the game!
appetrosyan 13 October 2019 at 9:03 pm UTC
Surviving Mars. Just like every game from Paradox interactive, this is an absolute time sink! Its gameplay is weird in that there is a clear strategic goal, very slow progression and a lot of places to shoot yourself in the foot. On the other hand this is the only game where I can proudly say I've come up with a system. Multiple systems in fact. Just, where can I get the 40-odd hours I've spent on terraforming Mars back? Oh well, at least I learned about project Mohole among other things.
Avehicle7887 13 October 2019 at 10:25 pm UTC
I dove back into Legend of Grimrock 2, which I've put away for sometime due to the unbearable audio issues in Wine. Over the course of this week though I've recompiled Wine with FAudio support and now the game works flawlessly.

I thought about picking up Pine too, but the performance issues aren't very encouraging, I'm keeping an eye on it though as it sounds like a game I'd enjoy very much.
crt0mega 14 October 2019 at 4:34 am UTC
I finally completed Dishonored 2
zerosapte 14 October 2019 at 8:47 am UTC
appetrosyanSurviving Mars. Just like every game from Paradox interactive, this is an absolute time sink! Its gameplay is weird in that there is a clear strategic goal, very slow progression and a lot of places to shoot yourself in the foot. On the other hand this is the only game where I can proudly say I've come up with a system. Multiple systems in fact. Just, where can I get the 40-odd hours I've spent on terraforming Mars back? Oh well, at least I learned about project Mohole among other things.

I got Surviving Mars for free a couple of days ago and I've been trying to get it to run with Lutris ever since. Sadly I had no such luck.

Installing the Epic Games Launcher finishes (but with a lot of fixme errors) and when trying to run the game from the Epic Launcher nothing ever happens. I've tried various combinations of runners and settings (ESYNC on and off, DXVK, D9VK etc) nothing did anything.

Could you let me know how you managed to get it running?

Now to also contribute to the subject at hand, I've been playing a lot of Albion Online these last few weeks, with a bit of Frostpunk (SteamPlay) and GWENT (Lutris) thrown in for good measure.

Last edited by zerosapte on 14 October 2019 at 9:18 am UTC
m-svo 14 October 2019 at 8:22 am UTC
I have finished and got 100% achievements in Valley, which I got more than a year ago and dropped due to issues with controller input (I decided that the game is just too hard, I was very wrong, it`s super easy with a kb).

I played several hours of Pine which I enjoy so far, even though combat is very often not an option early in the game (kinda realistic, right?)

I continued my play-through of Doom II (ashamed to say I never completed any DOS classics as a kid, they were too hard for me).
On the plus side, I really enjoy such brilliant level design, which I could not as a kid. I think games like Quake, Doom, Unreal, Rune can really teach beginner devs how to create an enjoyable experience.

Also I did a run of Ziggurat where I still want some achievements before I delete that fun game from my laptop and probably replace it with Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered.
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