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What have you been playing recently and what do you think of it?

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It's question time once again, time to tell the world what you've been playing and let us know if it's worth getting.

I've actually been really enjoying Sid Meier's Civilization VI with the new expansion, it's far more addictive than I originally thought. While I previously got bored with it after a few rounds, that's no longer the case.

The disasters system with climate change adds so much to the game to seriously make it that much more interesting. Soon my English army shall take over what's left of the world…

In regards to the performance of the port (which isn't great in the later game), Aspyr Media did say this on Reddit:

The answer is actually not technical, but simply bandwidth. Frankly, it was a valentines miracle to get Linux out along-side Windows in a playable state that we were happy with AND cross platform. There will be time for optimizations once the dust settles, and we will continue to optimize for as long as we work on the product. For Civ V, that was years.

As for other games, I still can't pull myself away from Rocket League. Now that I have a few hundred hours in it, the amount of tricks I can pull off is increasing all the time, once you get to grips with some aerial maneuvers the game certainly opens up a bit.

Another shout out to Streets of Rogue, still one of my absolute favourite indie games. The amount of time I'be put into this is nuts. Probably one of the funniest games I've ever played with friends. Absolutely check it out if you haven't and do have a look at our video of it!

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ziabice 17 Feb, 2019
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I'm playing King's Bounty: Dark Side via Proton, works like a charm and I love to be evil, for once in my life!
TheReaperUK 17 Feb, 2019
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Proton)


Bright Memory - Episode 1 (Proton)

Castlevania Doom Mod (GZDoom)

Splatter House 3D Doom Mod (GZDoom)
buenaventura 17 Feb, 2019
I have been playing lots of Hitman 2 (steamplay), its really nice, as well as Starcraft: Remastered (which is a beating) and of course Overwatch. Also Return of the Obra Dinn and DUSK
DaiKaiser93 17 Feb, 2019
Finally finished CrossCode, currently on my 5th try on Darkest Dungeon
Lycurgus87 17 Feb, 2019
Civilization VI Gathering Storm, hence the performance issues it's great, worth every penny.
obi 17 Feb, 2019
Hearts of Iron IV mod: Kaiserreich. It is alt-history mod. It is so good, that I don't remember playing vanilla HoI...
pete 17 Feb, 2019
Stellaris, Stellaris and more Stellaris... still addicted... ;)

Last edited by pete on 17 February 2019 at 10:24 pm UTC
Ananace 17 Feb, 2019
When it comes to native games I've been enjoying a mix of Factorio and Dirt Rally mostly, both are a great fun - though for different situations.
With Factorio you sit down to do one thing, only to then realize that suddenly four hours have passed.
Dirt Rally doesn't rob you of the time comprehension as much, you really feel every second when you're busy wrestling your car around the track.

Though since Steam Play exists I've been doing quite a bit of Anno 2070, Warframe, and Deep Rock Galactic as well. All great fun games, and all working really well under Linux - though with a tweak or two in the case of Anno and Warframe.
gradyvuckovic 17 Feb, 2019
Darksiders 3!

Runs almost flawlessly through Proton and looks wonderful. Absolutely loving it, awesome main character and story, fun and challenging combat. I think it's underrated but then I never played Darksiders 1 or 2..
jarhead_h 17 Feb, 2019
Hmmmm..... finally got Batman Arkham Asylum working thanks to Protontricks. Funny thing is that the PhysX control doesn't recognize my 1060 6GB as being PhysX compatible so it offloads to CPU which drops the framerate down to around 15FPS because I'm still running a Phenom II 960T. The game wasn't even two years old when my motherboard came out. Will be installing Arkham City after I beat Asylum again. Hoping that Arkham Knight is running by then.

Ruiner.... I have soft spot in my heart for Origin's last new IP Crusader: No Remorse(from 1995). This game seems influenced by that in addition to all the anime tropes and I recommend it. It's not shy about killing you even on normal difficulty.

Also, finally got Far Cry 3 working in Proton. You need to track down&install the No-Uplay crack from the pirated copy and the game starts up and runs fine after that. Plan to try that out with Blood Dragon next.

Finally got around to Firewatch. It was okay. Next up for indie walking simulators - The Station.

Fired up Black Mesa. Not through it yet. Same with Mark of the Ninja:Remastered, Rwby:Grimm Eclipse, and finally DOW2.

Let's see, installed but not yet played(just never have gotten around to them) - Aragami, Blade Symphony, Brutal Legend, Dishonored, The Free Ones, Strider, Saints Row2.

Last edited by jarhead_h on 17 February 2019 at 11:41 pm UTC
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