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Xbox One Controller Now Works On Linux (Without Vibration)

By n30p1r4t3 - | Views: 43,618
With the release of a new Linux kernel, gamers now have more controller options. With the release of the stable 3.17 kernel by Linus Torvalds, the Xbox One controller is now initially supported (without vibration) under Linux.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is. I for one don't own an Xbox One, but I do have the controller, and in my time with it, it has become the best controller I have ever used. The way it fits in my hand and how tactile the buttons feel make it unparalleled in my opinion. The best part? Now we Linux gamers get to enjoy the best controller Microsoft has to offer, without having to install Windows.

I highly recommend this controller to anyone in the market for one, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preference, so please let me know what your experience is with the controller in the comments below.

Please note: The controller (for now) can only be used wired and your distro of choice has to be running on the 3.17 kernel to even use the controller. Article taken from
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Pinguino Oct 7, 2014
Microsoft does make some great controllers. I for one love gaming in Ubuntu with my 360 gamepad.
timothyhale Oct 8, 2014
Concur. Playing Hotline Miami for the first time with the 360 controller was liberating.
Segata Sanshiro Oct 8, 2014
Call me a "filthy casual" but I like playing most of my games with a 360 pad (yes, even FPS games like Borderlands) so good to hear that they're still improving gamepad support. I know it's not as good or whatever for certain games, but I like playing them while laying back and relaxing since they're not really my favorite genre.

Strategy games on the other hand (especially Paradox games) are something which I like to play really intensely and sitting forward (whilst making tons of calculations in my head) so could never play one with a controller.

I'm interested in knowing the difference between a 360 controller and an Xbox One controller, apart from it looking more like Batman.
N30N Oct 8, 2014
Nice. But I'll be sticking with my discontinued Logitech F510's till I can get my hands on a Steam controller. :)
edo Oct 8, 2014
these controllers use to be really expensive.
That's why I use a chinese ps4 clon lol
joshmnz Oct 8, 2014
I really do the XBONE's controller over the PS4's but the PS4's has a trackpad meaning it would be useful to use for some menu's and things like that in big picture. I do prefer the XBONE's controller A LOT but the PS4 trackpad is just an absolute killer feature that I want. I heard it's coming in 3.18 so when Ubuntu 15.04 rolls around I'll grab a PS4 controller for my Linux gaming rig!
Izberion Oct 8, 2014
I've always liked the Playstation controllers over Xbox, though I haven't tried any of the latest generation's controllers.

That is, when I actually use one, since keyboard and mouse is almost always better for me.
Deformal Oct 8, 2014
Without vibration? Well, than I `ll continue to use Logitech F510.
PKMpl Oct 8, 2014
My favourite controller used to be the 360 one, I wasn't much of a fan of ds3. Sony surprised me with the ds4 though, it's easily my favourite controller for now. I'm still waiting for the Steam one, really curious how it turns out.
Beamboom Oct 8, 2014
I don't understand this. hasn't xbox controller support been in Linux already a long time? My Logitech f710 has a switch that can turn on Xbox button layout (ergo emulation) and in that mode I've been using that gamepad right out of the box since forever?

Also, if you need to use a wire while using the xbox controller, I'd very much recommend the Logitech simply cause it's wireless. I'll never touch a controller with a wire again after being used to the wireless controllers on the ps3.
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The comments on this article are closed.