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I honestly can't get enough of good top-down shooters that have a dark atmosphere and Xenosis: Alien Infection [Official Site, Fig Campaign] looks rather good. There's a few easy ways to gain my attention: mention an awesome Amiga game like Alien Breed as inspiration, include Aliens and let me squash them—check all points!

It's being developed by Nerd Rage Studios, the same developer who made Jump Gunners, a game that works really nicely on Linux (pretty fun too) so they've already proven they can do a good Linux build. Check out the trailer:

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As shown at the end, it's currently crowdfunding on Fig. The campaign has only just launched, so it might ask you to keep it a secret, although the developer did mention to share it around anywhere. The developer is seeking $25K, which isn't a huge amount to make a game. They've actually been developing it for 18 months already, with the previous game helping to partially fund this.

It's a story-driven single-player experience, featuring hand-crafted levels that blends retro 2D pixel art, with 3D modern lighting, dynamic shadows and 3D positional audio and it certainly seems like it has a great atmosphere from the trailer. It's not a straight run and gun shooter either, with stealth elements enabling you to use the shadows, turn off and disable lighting and find other ways to survive.

If you want more behind the scenes details, the developer is doing a blog of sorts over on the TIGSource forum. It's already accepted for a Steam release too.

Even better, is that I've been speaking to the developer and I will likely be able to livestream an early Linux build on our Twitch channel.

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rkfg 13 Mar, 2018
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  • Supporter
Reminds me of Alien Shooter/Zombie Shooter games, they're like Crimsonland with actual maps and story. Sadly, they never made it to Linux but I loved them a lot and completed both parts. Maybe I just love mindless destruction with tons of blood and alien intestines everywhere... It works on Wine though as AppDB suggests.

However, Xenosis looks more grim and dark, it has no alien hordes to shred with big guns. The graphics are pretty, I'm certainly interested. But the release date is a whole year away and I'm sure it will slip further. Thanks for spreading the word, added it to wishlist!
Erwhann 13 Mar, 2018
I just love the voice of the IA :D it really sounds like Shodan's little sister. I could buy the game just for wandering dark corridors listening to it.

Shooting aliens on the way might be a nice bonus.
razing32 13 Mar, 2018
Seems interesting .
Curios how the mechanics will work in the finished product. Trailer seems more like an intro than a comprehensive look.
scaine 13 Mar, 2018
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter Plus
Excited for this. Like Teleglitch, but with graphics that aren't a blurry, headache-inducing mess. Superb!

Also, love the Shodan-inspired voiceover. Great atmosphere with the lighting too. Looking forward to this!!
NerdRageStudios 14 Mar, 2018
Hey, its the developer here :)

Thanks for the kind words, and the valid concerns too.

Just to let you know that the game has been in active development for 18 months, that's building or the core gameplay mechanics, AI, Sound, Graphics etc. Now we are working with Fig to secure funding to finish the game. I know 2019 is a way of yet, but I'm confident that we can hit our timeline as planned, in fact I recently gave a talk on Pro Indie Dev about how I designed and delivered my last game Jump Gunners, on time to the day planned :)

There isn't much to show *yet* on the trailer side, as we are now actively building the content, and plus we don't want to spoil the story too much, but rest assured that more is coming :)

I do hope you support our campaign and help us bring our game to Linux :D
thoughtfulhippo 14 Mar, 2018
I loved Alien Breed on the Amiga, and Xenosis looks great. It's also great to see the developer here, and day-1 Linux support.

Seems I've broken my 'no pre-order' rule again - just backed it on Fig.
rkfg 14 Mar, 2018
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  • Supporter
Quoting: NerdRageStudiosin fact I recently gave a talk on Pro Indie Dev about how I designed and delivered my last game Jump Gunners, on time to the day planned :)
I consider this ability some sort of superpower. Learning to code is hella easy, setting deadlines and perfectly matching them? Nearly impossible. It's like clairvoyance, you should clearly see the future problems you're gonna encounter and estimate the time required to solve them. And at the same time not to set the deadline to 10 years from now. Like I said, nearly impossible. You mastered that, hats off.
razing32 15 Mar, 2018
Quoting: GuestI liked a lot Alien Breed even if i did not play it a lot. Having an actual Amiga would have helped. The existence of a story reminds me of another game i like a lot: Project Firestart, on C64. I am kind of nostalgic of that old game.

Vice emulator + abandonware ?
I may do that myself, Firestart look nice.
Plintslîcho 15 Mar, 2018
Judging by the video this looks pretty sweet.
There's only mention of a Steam key on the Fig page though.
slaapliedje 22 Mar, 2018
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  • Supporter Plus
Weren't the modern remakes of Alien Breed supposed to be released for Linux at one point? Anyone play the incredibly difficult Alien Swarm mod for Unreal Tournament? That was like Alien Breed as well.

But more on topic, this sounds amazing. I am in.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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