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Company of Heroes 2 is easily one of the best (top 5 easily!) RTS games available on Linux, it's also now in a fresh Humble Bundle.

To get Company of Heroes 2 you have to pay a bank breaking £4.84 (at time of writing), which gives you the game along with some of the DLC.

This is a fantastic deal, hopefully this will enable more of you to join in on our weekly play sessions with Feral Interactive every Wednesday morning at 10AM UTC.

Must resist dumping money into Humble for that T-Shirt, looks so nice! Article taken from
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mcphail 4 Oct, 2016
Does it count as a Linux sale for Feral?
RussianNeuroMancer 4 Oct, 2016
I have excuse - maybe I want to give Feral more money? (When I find time to play this game later.)
Tchey 4 Oct, 2016
I'm curious. What would be the 4 others of your Top 5 ?
cRaZy-bisCuiT 4 Oct, 2016
Even I love RTS i don't like the setting. I do already own the game. Anyway, I would play Warhammer now if there only would be people playing it. Feral? Cross-Platform?!
Redface 4 Oct, 2016
Only Relic Entertainment and SEGA are shown as publisher on the game info when you click on them in that bundle.
So I am not sure Feral gets something from that sale even if they get counted as Linux sales.

I would love an updated article on GOL regarding buying Linux games on different shops, and when they get counted as Linux sales, and when the porter companies with their own publishing like Feral in this case get a cut of the sale.
omer666 4 Oct, 2016
Quoting: swick
QuoteMultiplayer note: The online multiplayer is Linux->Linux only, no cross-platform multiplayer.
QuoteTo get this out of the way first: The FPS isn’t the best
QuoteGenerally in the heat of combat it hovers at just above 30FPS
QuoteIt's also highly advisable to quit the game and reload it when changing any graphical options. Or else you will get weird results and performance.

And now suddenly

QuoteYou have no excuse not to own Company of Heroes 2 now

Did all of that change or are you just again shilling for Feral?

Despite all those shortcomings, including some that aren't quoted above, I just LOVE this game.
Too many people are overreacting about Feral's port performances, I'm running a poor old GTX 660 and I max out most of the games they release with a pretty decent framerate.
Ehvis 4 Oct, 2016
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Quoting: swick
QuoteYou have no excuse not to own Company of Heroes 2 now

Did all of that change or are you just again shilling for Feral?

The list above that were *reasons* not to own CoH2, not excuses! :P
tuubi 4 Oct, 2016
Quoting: swickDid all of that change or are you just again shilling for Feral?
All of those problems are technical. I doubt Liam would play the game so much if he hated it.

I have an excuse not to own CoH2 though: I don't like RTS games.
Pit 4 Oct, 2016
Well, the excuse is quite easy: It's Feral, so it is steam-only --> no buy
Liam Dawe 4 Oct, 2016
To address the troll post head-on. The game does still have some performance issues, but I enjoy a great many games that have performance related issues.

I have put 40+ hours into Company of Heroes 2 (anyone can see on my Steam profile), I also play weekly against Matt from Feral and others from the wider community often. Would I do that if I didn't love the game? No I damn well wouldn't, plenty better things to do with my time than play a game I didn't like. I get paid by my supporters on Patreon, not by any company to "shill" for them. Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't know me well at all. If you think I am truly a Feral shill, why would I have said Tomb Raider performance was "Horrific" at one point in a livestream in front of many people (that was before the TR performance patch mind you).

I'm guessing the troll missed the article in January where I wrote about the performance patch they released that actually improved the performance of CoH2? It's all well and good quoting me, but try more recent quotes? Here's the more recent official quote from me directly about COH2 performance:
QuoteAs you can see, the performance is much better now for me, so I’m actually quite a bit happier.

As for this:
QuoteYou have no excuse not to own Company of Heroes 2 now
That was meant in regards to the price considering it's dirt cheap, in a bundle and what the entire article was about, I thought that was kind of obvious how I meant it.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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