My G-sync and 4k testing
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HadBabits 23 Mar, 2015
Quoting: Lordpkappa4k for sure. I had an Eizo fg2421, an Asus vg248qe an Aoc 24 with g-sync, all 3 with 1920x1080 resolution and 120-144 hz (the aoc with G-sync).
If you tell me, 120hz vs 60hz you'll see some difference, yes, 120-144 are really smooth and movemnts are like butter, but my personal preference is:

1- 4k
2- g-sync
3- 120-144 hz

And the Acer 4k 28 g-sync 1ms is the closer products to my needs.

Probably won't be gaming in 4k any time soon, but I only started gaming in 1080 within the past couple months, so I'm not too bothered by it (still very jealous, mind ;)). I'll just be glad to do away with screen tearing; Dying Light might finally be playable :P
Lordpkappa 23 Mar, 2015
G-sync with games with an huge tearing bring you to another level of quality, also @1920x1080. ;)

I'll update the post with more testing soon, maybe with Cities Skyline
Lordpkappa 26 Mar, 2015
New 349.12 drivers specific for g-sync.
It's Beta Drivers, i'll wait for an official release ;) but if someone want to try...
HadBabits 27 Mar, 2015
Quoting: LordpkappaNew 349.12 drivers specific for g-sync.
It's Beta Drivers, i'll wait for an official release ;) but if someone want to try...

Just got mine to 346 recently from 331, I'm good :p

My monitor came in; fortunately everything seems to work properly. G-sync is pretty awesome, cranked BioShock all the way up and I still have a very silky experience; much better than V-sync no question. I still need to lower the res (or disable sun shadows) in Dying Light to make it reasonable for me, but G-sync definitely gets me a better experience than previously.

Also, 144hz is great for competitive shooters, I find. I tried it with FoF and a couple other games and it can really make a difference. It didn't make me a pro player, of course, but it did notice it felt like I had more time to react in my encounters. The responsiveness is fantastic :) Edit: See below

And apparently there's a way to run 144hz and G-sync at once, but I haven't figured it out yet, so I'll tinker with that when I get home. That'd be great since some games like FoF run around 200-300 FPS on high settings and there's considerable screen tearing; but not bad enough to make me give up the 144hz XD

Overall, pretty happy with my purchase this far. My next monitor will definitely need G-sync :) I can finally cut down on my benchmarking and reconfiguring settings and just focus on enjoying my games!
HadBabits 27 Mar, 2015
Okay, so I'm kind of an idiot :P Turns out I was supposed to hit the apply button to make res/hz changes, so I guess I was really just messing with G-sync at 60 frames the whole time, haha. Funny how our expectations color our impressions, eh?

Anyway, I've only played FoF so far today with the higher framerates. Glad to see there's actually a big visual difference! Looks good, haven't tried it without G-sync yet. Will report later ^_^
Lordpkappa 28 Mar, 2015
Great feedback, maybe you could try The Witcher 2 the only game that has a problem in my library with g-sync so far.
HadBabits 28 Mar, 2015
Will do. if you have it you could try FoF with G-sync, it seems that it locks up my system when I try to access the options menu; couldn't even drop to terminal. Not too big a deal for me since it turns out there's little to no tearing at 120/144 hz :)
Lordpkappa 31 Mar, 2015
FoF is?
HadBabits 31 Mar, 2015
Fistful of Frags, sorry, it's a fun, free half life 2 mod. It's basically a competitive western-themed shooter which I've put too much time into :)
superpenguin 16 Apr, 2015
Hello Knowlegable members of the GOL community,

This topic is extremely interesting to me. I currently have a 60Hz 1440p IPS monitor, and it's ok but i'm looking for an upgrade as a casual but quite regular linux gamer.

Do you know if gsync work with borderless windowed mode ? As i have a dual monitor setup, any other video mode is often frustrating : regular fullscreen disable the secondary monitor and cause long and flickerish alt+tab mode when i want to do something else.

Do you think Gsync would work in this mode or does it only support true fullscreen ?

I'm also used to switch from online games to an internet browser window or various other activities (while waiting for players or other reasons...). And i have read some experiences that tend to show it would not be practical : some feedback like this one afraid me a bit. Are those problem fixed in the new models or new drivers ?

Thanks a lot for any info,


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