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KevinDunst 10 May, 2018

Hi, everyone! Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online Linux Gaming community. I'm hoping to have fun and to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!

hopeyeu 11 May, 2018

Hi. I'm Hope and I'm an oxygen addict.

Been using Linux off and on for a few years now, typically on my second PC, and am currently developing a game that I'm hoping to release on Ubuntu.

BFG9000 25 May, 2018

Hi everyone!

I've always been interested in Linux, but only recently started to use it as my main OS. I'm still learning and Wine can be a pain lol, but thanks to GOL's articles I now have a huge list of native Linux games to get in the future! Thank you for the articles and great community!

namiko 8 Sep, 2018

Huh. Didn't intro here. Well... I flame comment on articles more than forum post, so here's something new to do. :D

I'm Namiko (Namikoyo on Steam), love Visual Novels mainly (even before they were on Steam) but also like most games that have a good story or sexy naked times engrossing gameplay.

Linux gamer for nearly a decade now! Woo!

Upokupo 15 Mar, 2019

Hello, everyone!

I'm a few hours young with this website. I have recently converted several of my pc's in my home to linux. (Arch, i.e. Manjaro, Antergos, ArcoLinux). I'm loving the Arch way of doing things combined with the Deepin Desktop Environment. I love to game on PC and have emulators to run my backups and I play games on Steam as well as the the open source free games you can run (i.e. 0A.D., Battle for Wesnoth, etc...). My main machine is a Samsung Chromebook. I can't run the latest and greatest games but I can run a ton of other high quality games on it. I also use PlayOnLinux for my windows games of yesteryear. I am now 100% Windows free and loving it. It's great to see other gamers on linux. I hope to bump into some of you playing games online. :D

Avikarr 5 May, 2019

Hello everyone!
My name is Radomir and I used Linux from time to time since the release of Mandrake 8 when I was just a kid. Unfortunately I was (and I still am) too much a gamer person, so I had to stay on Windows for all this time. And the thing was, in that time when I was a kid, Linux in Polish language was almost impossible to get due to limited internet access in Poland in early 2000s.
Fortunately, recently Linux has changed sooo much if it comes to gaming, and overall usability, that I decided some time ago to format my disk with Windows completely, and use it as a storage for music on my Xubuntu (sic!). I just had to!
We came all this way for so long and finally I can say: "Yeah! Gaming on Linux is definitely a thing!".
I noticed this website around a month ago, and I'm visiting it almost everyday, so yeah, hello everyone again, and let's rock with true gaming on our beloved operating system! Greetings!

lindagriffithh 17 Jul, 2019

I am the rare person who changed Linux to Windows. My name is Linda.

Rooster 17 Jul, 2019

Quoting: lindagriffithhI am the rare person who changed Linux to Windows. My name is Linda.

Hi Linda,

Welcome to this great community. May I ask why did you decide to change to Windows? Was it gaming related? Which distro did you use before.

Don't worry, I'm asking simply out of curiousity, everyone is welcomed here, no matter what OS you use.

MrNilsson 26 Jul, 2019

Hey everyone, I'm Nils, 35 years old and I'm from Germany. As I was not happy with Win 10 anymore, I tried Linux 3 weeks ago. Actually I'm switching between Manjaro (KDE) and Mint (Cinnamon) but I'm using Manjaro the most. I think this one will replace Win 10 for me.

I loved to play Rainbow Six Siege and a bit Fortnite, but hey there are also other good games on Linux as I saw here already. On the PS 4 I love to play games like The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed, Horizon Zero Dawn or Fifa for example.

Maybe I'll switch back to Counter Strike soon, plus I haven't played the Battle Royale mode yet. The first games I played on Linux were SuperTuxKart and the point-and-click adventure Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure.

on_en_a_gros 29 Jul, 2019

Hello everyone, as a very long time reader I decided a few weeks ago to create an account, and it's now time for a little presentation.

I discovered Linux in 2010 with Ubuntu, when I still was a console gamer. Quickly Linux became my dayli driver and after a few I got rid of windows (vista) In 2015, when I bought a new pc, a gaming pc these time, I had to reuse windows (8). It wasn't to my taste, but drivers for gaming hardware and GPU was way much easier to manage, and game availability was of course much better.
But I couldn't help my self, I loved Linux much more than windows, so I dualbooted again, and purchased 3 Linux compatible game (dying light, hammerwatch and Schroedinger's cat and the raider of the lost quark) just to see if Linux could be a viable gaming platform, and it was, I never looked back to windows, and I'am now a Linux gamer ^_^.

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