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Solarwing 27 Jul, 2020

So this is where I can introduce myself? Well I'm a social disease and have a bad sense of humour.I believe that an attack from Mars would "cheer up" our ordinary life on this planet which is a spinning disaster. By telling this "nice" story I have warmed myself up to real introduction.I've been known formely here as Grim reaper. A depressing name eh?I'm not an expert on Linux field but I know something of IT. I live in Europe and I've followed this website closely for many years.I have written comments every now and then. I try to improve my english by reading english books and I practise it here. I use Mint linux distro atm because it feels easy to use. Is there a better distro? I don't know. But this will do for now. What I hope getting from here? Nothing special. Only chatting about Linux a bit and make some colourless comments.

thank you

TimeFreeze 27 Jul, 2020

Hey, i'm pretty late with introducing myself but whatever:

Names TimeFreeze, i love Retro Games, i HATE the new games they are just fancy graphics without a soul & heart. I hate any unnecesary Social Interactions. I never nor will i ever care for Graphics, for me its the Gameplay which is important. I rather play some PS1 game than an PS4 game for example. I care for Privacy and Freedom thats why i love to suppport stuff like the PinePhone / Librem 5 and such. I hate Graphic Whores and so called PC Masterrace People. I prefer playing Console over PC. I hate cencorship in ANY way. I dislike it when anyone is writing its whole biography on for example Steam, stuff like name/age/language/country/relationship i dont want to know it and i dont understand why someone wants to let the whole world know it. I mostly prefer Singleplayer Games. Coop games are nice as well. But i hate Online only games. Especially games which are technically Singleplayer but you are still forced beeing Online thanks to DRM. I hate DRM btw which is of course Ironic since i own a lot of games on steam but oh well still i hate DRM. I prefer Native games over Wine/Proton. I play most of my games always on the Hardest Difficuly since i hate easy games. And thats about it or rather i dont know what to write really. Anyway you can find me on whatever is linked on my Profil here.

Last edited by TimeFreeze on 27 July 2020 at 8:08 pm UTC

Jared 27 Jul, 2020

Hello everyone. This might be a bit late for an introduction but I didn't see this thread initially. I've used Linux during the summer last year on a virtual machine and on bare metal since late December. My first distribution (on a vm) was Arch and PopOS (on bare metal). I have distrohopped from PopOS to Linx Mint to Manjaro to Fedora to Ubuntu to OpenSUSE to Gentoo to FreeBSD and then finally to Arch on multiple machines. I'm still getting use to setting up WINE manually and trying to use vim and emacs more efficiently as my time on Linux progress. I mostly try to get native Linux games as opposed to using Proton, though if needs be I am not objected to the idea, in addition to open source titles. I do wish in the future to contribute to this website by submitting articles and to the Linux community by bug reporting and kearning to code so I can be apart of the Linux gaming revolution 😎. Anyways that was my introduction, sorry for any of the inconsistencies in the sentences.

Hopefully I would be able to meet other Linux gamers as well. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Last edited by Jared on 25 November 2020 at 2:20 pm UTC

Pendragon 8 Nov, 2020

Hello World

Programmer by day, nerd/geek/asian-culture enthusiast/music lover by night

I remember first getting interested in linux 20 years ago.. Finally made the switch as a full-time Windows desktop replacement last year and haven't regretted a minute of it

Currently *just* upgraded my rig -- wanted to be ready for Cyberpunk 2077 when it drops finally

GustyGhost 9 Nov, 2020

Quoting: PendragonHello World

The most satisfaction I have found in leaving Windows, and proprietary tech, behind has been the full realization that nothing I do on my computer will be held to arbitrary artificial restraints. If there is something that doesn't work yet, it is usually because it hasn't been implemented yet, a hard technical reason in contrast.

Care to share any barriers you had to break through to arrive here?

Pendragon 9 Nov, 2020

Quoting: GustyGhost
Quoting: PendragonHello World

Care to share any barriers you had to break through to arrive here?

It was definitely a learning curve.. I remember years ago driver support was no where near as mature as it is these days ... Now I can pretty much install any out-of-the-box hardware and have it just 'work' without having to recompile the kernel, etc
.. Always learning new things still though.. Like last week I just learned about editing the fstab and gurb so my cloned hdd would boot the correct drive! It's so refreshing to take a prior install from Intel and be able to switch motherboard/CPU to AMD without issue!

Instbaby 23 Nov, 2020

Hey. I'm Judy from London

damarrin 23 Nov, 2020


Duck Hunt-Pr0 26 Nov, 2020

Have i introduced myself yet?? I don't remember

Arehandoro 26 Nov, 2020

Welcome everyone!

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