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Introduce Yourself!
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Buda_Gerg 13 Nov, 2019

Hi Guys & Girls,

I'm Gergely, computer scientist and hardware enthusiast from Budapest, Hungary

I'm a long time Linux user and gamer.

I think i'm going to feel right at home here :)


guyjin 13 Jan


...or rather, hello :)

Realized I haven't used the forum here yet, and was reminded of it by Twitter. I've been using Linux full time since 2015, mostly Linux Mint, though I'll have to drop it shortly (they're dropping my DE of choice).

Hi everyone,

I'm known on the Internet as Thrash or TMC and I have been a Linux user since 2014, starting on Ubuntu and hopping to other distros throughout the years. My current distro of choice is MX Linux, but I have found that each distro has something special. What a truly amazing thing Linux is.

I have been an avid reader of GamingOnLinux for years now and I thought it would be high time to create an account to positively add to the conversation and support the Patreon while I'm at it.

What I love about GamingOnLinux is the amazing international community and the tireless work from Liam and the other staff who contribute articles and maintain the website. I'm sure you are all very busy, but if you do read this, thank you so much for everything you do - GamingOnLinux gives me a much needed breather during a stressful day.

I hope to make some friends here and I'll be chatting with everyone soon!

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