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rojimboo 13 Feb
Hi there! Nice to be part of the community and see others persevere with Linux gaming ;)

I'm a fairly recent convert to Linux, and thus Linux gaming having only been at it for a year or so. I have recently finally graduated to Arch level godliness. I started with stock Ubuntu a long time agooo. No references to STar wars at this current time. More of a Stargate or Star Trek man myself.

I'm finally at the stage where I have tinkered enough to get everything I want working in gaming - Gsync, nvidia, fans, wine+dxvk, alsa, etc. the list goes on. The only outstanding issue is my low NVME drive read/write speeds, which are at about 10-20% of others. At this time, I have given up and am wondering if the same issue persists on Windows too on my setup. I have no way of verifying as I intend to never touch windows ever again. Still, I would prefer to utilise the NVME ssd to its full potential. One day, maybe.

Anyways, to introduce myself before blabbering on about getting games to work - I have a special affinity to Linux and Moomins, living here up North. I don't ascribe to nation states too much, but I can't help but feel a certain pride when anyone mentions something about Linus and Linux. It is heavily promoted in our educational institutions, but you'd be surprised how rarely it is used in firms even in Finland. Microsoft products dominate even here. So we still have a long way to go.

I try to contribute what little I can, whether it be through Patreon or just bug reports, as I believe like so many others here that FOSS is a worthy cause. I can't really help much otherwise - I just use some Python to automise things at work, and also with side projects at home dabbling in machine learning, but that's the extent of my 'programming' knowledge. It's mostly about data analytics actually.

I like dogs. A lot. We've always had a dog in our family and often took rescue dogs into our care. I hope in my current situation to move to a bigger place close to a forest and get a big dog. That's the dream. Along with a cottage by the lake. Slowly but steadily that dream will come true.

I have an extensive collection on Steam, which I have recently decided to take a break from and in a way boycott. I'm instead growing my collection on GOG, Uplay, Origin and Epic. I have greatly slowed down my purchases in gaming recently due to IRL events, but I have a hefty backlog of usually full-priced pricier games. Currently I'm playing Anno 1800 through Uplay, a lot.

Ok ok, I'll stop now, nobody likes a wall of text of blabbering.
Lachu 14 Feb
I'm from Poland.

Only non-open-source software I've used are games. Free (as in freedom) software are great, but free games are not too good.
I gather a lot of licenses for closed-source games for GNU/Linux and others (Windows, DOS, Amiga?), especially from GOG and Steam. Some of the closed-source games I get for free (why not?) or on big discount. If I gather many money, I will support open source software I've used. Maybe I will use closed-source utilities for Linux too if they exist, but I doubt. I use open source software not for ideological reason. KDE Plasma, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Yat2 are overkill (in my opinion).

I'm searching friends to play online. I like 4K (Civilization for example) games.

postacosta 24 Feb
Hello everyone! For a long time, I was just watching the forum, but then I decided to register. Glad to be part of the community! What's up?
I'm just a former long-time lurker who decided to join in with the cool kids. Watched the growth of Linux overtime that has evolved in a wealth of games being playable thanks to Wine/Steam/Proton/Lutris/Feral which when I started Linux...gaming wasn't even remotely a serious option. I normally go back and forth between Mint and Ubuntu. Currently Ubuntu has won the battle, but not the OS war.
DRL 16 Mar
Hello, My name is Rafał. I live in poland . I deal with data recovery, and I treat games as a fun pastime to chill out. I am just discovering the charms of Linux games.
hello new to linux and this forum as well. i am an engineering student. until recently i used to game on win10(which came preinstalled on my pc when i got it) but now only use linux for that.
metalinux 27 Jun
Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day!

I was registered on this fantastic website before, but under what username I have forgotten. Just to quickly reintroduce myself, I have been using Linux with a variety of distros (I distro hop quite a bit) for 7 years now and it is my main operating system of choice now.

I went back to Windows 10 full-time for 5 months recently to experience a little of the other side and while using my Windows PC for productivity and an Xbox One for gaming felt okay, the amount of DRM, telemetry and control was unbelievable. It just felt wrong.

Now I am very happy to be back and here to stay on Linux. I am glad to have experienced Windows again, only to see how much worse the privacy situation on the OS has become.

GamingOnLinux is my prime source of Linux-related news on the Internet and Liam and the rest of the editorial team do an incredible job. Thank you very much for what you do.
thedarkmane 28 Jun
Hi everyone!

Long time web developer, who loves to game on Linux, and has been around long enough to just about remember XBill (among one of the first games that I ever played on Linux).

These days I am more likely to be found playing Stellaris, SuperTuxKart or something decidedly more retro.
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