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LupusMechanicus 4 Jun, 2022
Hello! My name is Lupus, coming live from the Balkans. Onwards to my late 20s, already feeling old and rusty.

Been following the Linux world for quite a while, until one night when suddenly, my Windows decided to do the job for me and commit sudoku. 🔪+💽=🔥

So, with a sizeable loss of data, and my sanity going down the drain, I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity in time and space to join the party. Fast forward a month into the future, a botched attempt at installing the drivers for the GPU, a couple of botched attempts at installing and configuring WINE [no worries, it now works amazingly well] and there I am, figuring out the basics for how to NOT make your own life even more insane.

Here I am now, an Ubuntu user, running most of my non-Linux native games via Wine/Proton, helping the Warzone 2100 community with music and somehow managing to still be alive, meeting more and more people and making friends, so many that I can't even count them on my fingers and toes, following the FOSS news and watching closely the return of the RTS golden era.

Here's to a bright future to Linux! 🍻
FizzPoppin 14 Jun, 2022
After so many Intro's I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, I'm in my mid 30's and from the UK, and have been dabbling in Linux for about 6 years. I still use Windows equally for Work (90% Windows Server Environment) Would be more Linux if I had my way!

I've generally ran Pop/Fedora and lately EndeavourOS ( they have nice wallpapers as stock ;-) ). I'm mainly a gamer and the little free time I have to relax due to family commitments I like to sit back a play a nice single player or Co-op with some mates although those mates are dropping like flies with real life time but hey that's life.

After many years of a bright future and evolving Linux community, lets hope it continues to flourish!
Dark574 20 Jun, 2022

just registered on the forum and wanted to say Hello.
Im an oldtime gamer (started with the ZX-81 and then Commodore 64 back in the good old days) and have been playing Games for most of my life. I jumped into Linux 2 years ago and finally got rid of Windows.

Im trying to get my whole game collection running under linux which is working so far way better than expected.
cretsiah 7 Feb
hi everyone,
so 3 years ago windows 10 did an update that was unusable on 3 of our computers.

my daughters and my sons computers were using ASUS motherboards and amd AM4 cpus
mine was an FX series motherboard with AM3+ cpu ( system broke down about sept-oct 2022)untill christmas of 2022

daughter could only game on windows 7 and sometimes linux
son could only game on linux at least until it locked up/ froze

mine was triple boot with Win 7, Win 10 (until it couldnt ) Linux Mint

my new system:
motherboard - Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
ram - Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz 16gig
graphics - RX 550 4gig DX12 capable
drives - crucial P1 500gig, 4TB USB WD, 4TB USb Seagate
dual boot - win10 (finally a stable build ) Linux Mint Debian Edition 5
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