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Other then Linux what Operating systems Have you/Do you use?
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I have used various operating systems in the course of work but on systems I have owned I started with Windows 98; then moved to Windows XP; then moved to Windows Vista; then moved to Windows 7; tried out Windows 10 briefly before making the switch to Linux.

On Linux I started with Linux Mint then moved to Solus and then moved to Manjaro. For gaming systems I keep Majaro but for my non gaming systems I use Trisquel. Going to eventually move to strictly FOSS gaming at some point if my unhappiness with the current gaming market keeps up in which case Trisquel would be on all of my systems.

I have dabbled with OpenBSD and GhostBSD on my systems but in the end couldn't find a reason to keep them. Not bad operating systems at all but they didn't give me anything that a Linux distro couldn't but more importantly Linux could give me features that BSD couldn't (mainly around gaming). Gotta say I am really looking forward to see what the Hyperbola team does with their fork of the OpenBSD kernel in the next couple years.
slaapliedje 24 Jun
I really began on the Atari 800XL with the various DOS versions there. First GUI I ran was on the Atari ST with GEM. Then ran a bit with the Amiga 500. Then onto Windows 95. Sometime after that I had really disliked Windows and wanted something more themable, and ran into Enlightenment DR13 and played with various Linux distributions, and fell in love with Debian, which I still use today.

Mostly from there gone from using Windows and various BSDs, Linux, etc.

My current rigs are Triple boot, Arch Linux, Debian Sid and Windows 10. Then I have 3 Amigas (running Kickstart 3.1.4), several Atari STs, many Atari 8bits, a few 8bit commodores, an Apple IIGS, a G4 macbook (with MorphOS / old OSX), some other old macs, a bunch of play around with thinkpads, etc.

It's been argued that I shouldn't have an opinion (that was apparently wrong that Windows 7 wasn't perfect) because I've used so many different systems, and not just Windows...

Either way, I like operating systems, recently installed RiscOS on an Rpi400.
BlooAlien 25 Jun
Over the years I've used every operating system I could lay hands on, starting with AppleSoft BASIC on the Apple ][+ and moving on through Commodore 64, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, Sun Microsystems server blades, various flavors of DOS and Windows up to Win7 Pro (I've tried Win10 on friends' systems and can't stand it), OS/2 Warp, MacOS, and a whole host of various Linux and Unix flavors.

Nowadays, I just stick with Linux, because it gets the job done and stays outta my way. Rarely do I have to fight with Linux even a little bit to get work done, and gaming is generally equally smooth for me too, thanks to things like WINE, Lutris, Proton, etc, as well as the massive pool of great Linux native games.

Last edited by BlooAlien on 25 June 2021 at 11:18 am UTC
Lachu 26 Jun
I used Windows, Haiku and ReactOS. Currently, only OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.
Alm888 27 Jun
I've used "Windows 98SE" a bit, then "Windows XP" extensively. And from then on only GNU/Linux and nothing more, as far as my home machines are concerned.

At work I use GNU/Linux with "Windows 7" in kemu at my workplace and… whatever is installed on other machines.

P.S. Did not see DOS at conscious age.
slaapliedje 28 Jun
Quoting: Alm888I've used "Windows 98SE" a bit, then "Windows XP" extensively. And from then on only GNU/Linux and nothing more, as far as my home machines are concerned.

At work I use GNU/Linux with "Windows 7" in kemu at my workplace and… whatever is installed on other machines.

P.S. Did not see DOS at conscious age.
I kind of lucked out and didn't have to deal with DOS until Windows 95, which made it much easier. I have more recently bought an Atari PC3, which is a 286. And then you learn how many things require a 386 or greater... also, dealing with extended memory is garbage. Nothing like adding more memory to the Atari ST or Amiga. Or even the 8bit computers.
thedarkmane 29 Jun
I started on 8-bit systems, mainly AMSDOS/Locomotive BASIC 1.0 and Locomotive BASIC 1.1, and occasional dalliances with CP/M 2.2 and CP/M Plus (v3.1) on the old Amstrad CPC range. With the odd BBC, and Spectrum thrown in for good measure.

Eventually I moved over to PC, and like a few on here, I can say that I have used the following in anger:
  • various flavours/versions of DOS

  • Win 3 thru 3.11

  • Win 95

  • Win 98/98SE

  • Win XP

Also having some exposure to Win 2 (don't ask), a PC version of GEM, Win 7 and Win 10, a few versions of OSX/MacOS, and various Unixes.

I probably used RiscOS at some point as well, there was a lab of Archimedes A3000's at high school, before an incoming head of the Computing department blew his entire years' budget in the space of a week replacing all of them and a number of the school's ageing BBC's with PCs.
tfk 29 Jun
I run Fedora Linux on my laptop and my desktop. All the rest is retro stuff. Two C64 running basic, one Amiga 500 with one meg of ram running AmigaOS 1.3, a desktop running windows xp and an IBM Aptiva running Windows 98SE.
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