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Monitor Questions on Linux - Variable Refresh Rate, High Refresh Rate, Ultra-wide Screens, Panel Type
chris.echoz commented on 29 April 2019 at 1:28 pm UTC

Note that if you want G-sync, you might want to buy a FreeSync monitor instead, as more recent drivers allow you to enable G-sync on compatible FreeSync monitors, and even override this setting to allow it for all FreeSync monitors.

This should allow you to get a higher resolution or refresh rate for the same amount of money, as G-sync often adds $75-150 to the price.

Shmerl commented on 29 April 2019 at 2:00 pm UTC

G-sync is basically dead now, since there is no need for monitor makers to spend more money on it today.

Stupendous Man commented on 29 April 2019 at 11:17 pm UTC

I bought an ultrawide IPS monitor just a week ago, replacing my 8 years old LCD monitor. The difference is night and day, the new monitor has much better colours and appears to have much better resolution, even though the old one was 1920x1080 and this one is 2560x1080. It just looks a lot clearer.
I mainly bought the ultrawide for work, but the games I've tried both look and work very well at the wider resolution. I do notice a 20-25% drop in FPS though, but that's to be expected with the increased number of pixels.
Regarding refresh rate, the new monitor is 75Hz versus 60Hz for the old, and I can't tell the difference whatsoever. Then again, I don't play fast games like FPSs.
Whether an ultrawide is ideal for gaming is something I'm not too sure about. I play a lot of Eurotruck Sim 2 which is great on an ultrawide, but other games like strategy games might not benefit much from the wider aspect ratio. FPSs I can't comment on, I've played a bit of DOOM on it but my graphics card can't really handle that (GTX660, I need to upgrade it soon!).

g000h commented on 30 April 2019 at 1:53 am UTC

This question was made 3 years ago, funny that people are still commenting on it. The LG 23MP68VQ-P monitor is no longer a current model and seems to have been replaced by this one: LG 24MK600M 24 inch IPS 1920x1080 monitor

In more recent times, as well as favouring vertical frequency refresh rate (and matching with a suitable graphics card and cabling) for gaming, I'd say that larger screens and higher resolutions are also of interest.

For me personally, I'd probably favour 2560x1440 resolution at 32 inches for gaming and productivity. Something like this:

AOC CQ32G1 32 inch 2560x1440 VA 1ms 144Hz FreeSync monitor

I made the 'mistake' of going to 4K resolution (at 40 inches) and 60 Hz refresh rate, but could have better game frame-rates had I settled for a lower resolution model. On the whole, I'm okay with what I have, but that extra bit of gaming zing would be nice (without having to fork out any more money). Yes, I know I can drop resolution down to (say) 1920x1080 if my PC/graphics is struggling to deliver, but what's the point - I bought 4K and want to play at max resolution.

Shmerl commented on 30 April 2019 at 2:02 am UTC

4K is surely not a good idea. I'd say, for me something like 27" size feels best. And for that size for gaming 2.5K resolution is the optimum (2560x1440), where refresh rate can go up to 144Hz or so.

I'd also recommend checking if the monitor supports low framerate compensation (LFC). It can be useful. Here is a good selector:

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