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Master of Orion does not work?
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Nel 6 Nov, 2016

Quoting: KimyrielleI am Canadian. We do use periods as decimal separators. Like the guys who made that game. Does this game object to maple syrup? :(
The devs are NGD Studios and live in Argentina, comma separator. But that doesn't matter since almost all studios use Unity Editor on Windows (Unity Editor is still experimental on Linux). And they also have to properly test their game on a platform they are not used to, Windows and MacOSX doesn't have this bug, and also have to understand what is a locale, how to set it up and test their game on. And believe me, it's easier for users to fix it themselves.

I already tried to help studios to fix their locale bug, and it looked like they didn't have any idea at what I was blathering about. Even if I provided links and described how to setup locale step by step, and also how to properly fix it. Here is with Awfully Nice Studios - The Bug Butcher:
This studio is from Austria, comma separator, and after testing it myself, their game is also bugged with their own locale de_AT.

Na'Tosha Bard from Unity Technologies talked about this specific bug on Linux at her Steam Dev Days conf.
See here (13min50s):
(On a side note, subtitles are really great for people like me who aren't fluent enough to understand spoken english)

Quoting: wolfyrionif you go to technical assistance discussion you can see the chaos of bugs/problems etc
Judging from wolfyrion link, NGD is still a bad studios. I played Regnum Online for years before Steam or Humble Bundles arrive on Linux, and their game was sooo bugged (see comment from a good friend). Hopefully they had a good developer on Linux at that time, and was able to manage breaking bugs, but he left the studios few years ago and I'm not even sure there is still at least one person using Linux out there now.

rcoit 9 Aug, 2017

Delete: /home/<Your User Name>/.config/unity3d/Wargaming/Master of Orion/

Then try running the game again.

This worked for me.

Sorry, I didn't reply to this earlier but I have only had the game for a month.

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