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How did you first start programming?
F.Ultra commented on 2 September 2017 at 4:43 pm UTC

GuestBASIC on a ZX Spectrum +2 in 1988ish (from reading the manual!)... AMOS then 68K Assembly language from 1994... Pascal under MS-DOS in college in 1998, C (MSVC 6) in 1999... i'll stop there ;)

MSVC 6, the last usable version of MSVC they ever released (among other things it was the last version before they decided to do their insane completely vcredist). For many years I used MSVC6 to compile our stuff for Windows before finally switching over to GCC there as well.

Areso commented on 3 September 2017 at 5:26 am UTC

It was 2002 or so. I was a student in middle school, and in our school we have additional hours for maths, physics and informatics. So, on informatic lessons we wrote programs in QBasic45. In maths classes we have tonn of homework, and someday it was solving about hundred of quadratic equations. So, I got my father's book about programmng in Delphi 5, and wrote programm for solving this equations. I have Internet connection back there, but it was slow as Dial-up could be.... 28800 or 33600, so, it could be hour or two to download such programm... And not only 2 hours of time, but I remember it costs about $2/hour and for 12-years old boy in developing country it was not the smallest money...

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