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Random crashes
PTLyon commented on 10 January 2017 at 5:03 pm UTC

The main suspect atm is my room's electrical outlet(s).

The computer has been working fine all day, at the office. But who really knows? It has worked fine at home before, for 1 or 2 days, and then it got back to the freezes...

But maybe it's just me with some kind of wishful thinking, like it happened before with the sound system (which had nothing to do with the freezes, after all).

riusma commented on 10 January 2017 at 6:11 pm UTC

PTLyonThe main suspect atm is my room's electrical outlet(s).

Perhaps try different outlets, maybe you have just one that is on fault...

I know that it's another investment, but perhaps you could buy a cheap power inverter (APC Back-UPS 500 CI costs about 70 €, and there is a daemon available for Linux for shutting down PC). Note that my electrical installation at home is very old but I never experienced such frequent PC crash on it (I've a APC Back-UPS BX 1400VA, but I don't use it at the moment)... I mean, a good PSU should handle properly small electrical instability, and your PC would probably not be the only one electrical gear that is encountering problems if you have such a bad electrical installation.

PTLyon commented on 11 January 2017 at 11:29 pm UTC

Yeah, there was another electric device that got some problems, so that's why I had the outlets in mind.

But it just had 3 crashes in the last 10 minutes.
All of them with a brand new energy cable.
One of them on a different outlet on the same room.
Another one on a outlet of a different room.
Unless all home outlets are broken, I think it's safe it's safe to scratch the electrical outlet theory. Maybe the fact that it didn't crash all day when I took it to work was just... random.

Back to zero
Humm, maybe a new pattern that I noticed: When it happens, it happens again 1 or 2 times. Is this lead helpful at all?
Btw, I checked the temperature before the second crash and it was 36ºC. I was using the computer just browse the web the whole time.

My next idea is go back to Windows for some days and see how it behaves.

TheReaperUK commented on 12 January 2017 at 6:43 pm UTC

On your Linux distro can you change/try a different Kernel (if possible an LTS kernel), This is just a shot in the dark as i had random freeze's with Manjaro Linux when the 4.8 kernel came out and had to dropped back to 4.7.

riusma commented on 13 January 2017 at 6:42 pm UTC

PTLyonYeah, there was another electric device that got some problems, so that's why I had the outlets in mind.

Maybe try to borrow for a week a power inverter if you know someone who may lend you one... as you will be able to discard definitively your electrical installation as the source of the crashes.

PTLyon commented on 19 January 2017 at 1:10 pm UTC

Hi again, guys.

Welcome back to the longest tech-help thread on this forum's history

So, I've been with no crashes for 5 days or so. Maybe it's too soon to celebrate, but it's indeed the record for the last months, by far.

A friend of mine went deep in the AMDs forums, searching for references to this problem. I don't think he found examples or references to the same exact problem, but he read someone suggesting to turn off the AMD application power management, on the BIOS. We did that and, so far, the crashes/freezes have stopped.

Is too to bad to have it disabled?

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