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Unigine Superposition Benchmark
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beko 8 Nov, 2017
So there _is_ a forum post for Superposition. Search didn't bring it up.

I fiddled with the API of the Leaderboard. Read about my findings here

Scrolling through the screenshots I see that nobody(?) of you bought this for extented features and to upload the benchmark data to the Leaderboards? This would explain why I found that few OpenGL benchmarks on the Leaderboard :-/
beko 8 Nov, 2017
Here's mine. All stock. i7-2600K + GTX TITAN X

I ordered a new CPU and mainboard so I wonder how much this will change. One of the reasons why I play a lot with this at the moment :)
Cmdr_Iras 10 Nov, 2017
Thought I would retest, did a minor GPU overclock +125 on Clock & +100 on Mem; may try to push further with voltage up as well. (I dont know if CPU makes much difference in this benchmark but the overcock is the same this time as last)

I got an improved score with just driver updates (no screenshot of that), but overclock gave me as follows:

Xpander 11 Nov, 2017
+120 core +200 mem

FredO 11 Nov, 2017
Core +100, Mem +100. Phew it's getting hot in here :D

Edit: Good tip with the fan speed. With 75% Fan speed, +150 core, +150 Mem:

Xpander 11 Nov, 2017
Damn you FredO :D

i can't get my core higher, it will start throwing random colors at the screen :D

managed to improve a bit though. core +125, mem +200

beko 12 Nov, 2017
Today I found out: Setting CoolBits in Xorg Config allows me to control the fan. Since it hardly spinned up on it's own (max 85°C) I raised this manually and run it again.

This time I got a max of 61°C and my result raised to 2969 :D

Why is the default fan control so ineffective when the card gets a utilization of 100%?
beko 12 Nov, 2017
Well, this is probably the end of the line for me with stock cooler:

Xpander 12 Nov, 2017
yeah i set the fanspeed to 70% when OCing, makes some noise but keeps everything cool. by default fans dont even turn on before the gpu reaches 69°C and max i seen the fan speed is 25% while gaming, which is ultra silent.. at around 40% i start hearing the fans.. so props for EVGA :D
Koopacabras 12 Nov, 2017
As a side note; everyone knows what Superposition means right? It's the state of a qubit (a bit of a quantum computer) that can be multiple states at the same time (1 and 0 at the same time). Or the the state of atoms that can be in multiple places at the same time. That means Teletransportation and possibly warp speed (in your face Einstein!!):D:D I hope to live long enough to teletransportate.:D

it all boils down to Schrödinger dead cat theory
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