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The Ark server.
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iAlwaysSin 21 Apr, 2017

So the changes have been implemented, we are now on The Center and the server is now also using Primitive+

Both things may need to be installed so you can play on the server and luckily it only take 2 mins to get both.

Now seeing as this is a complete server wipe and its once again brand new, but there are a few players that have put hours into the game we have for the next 48 hours increased the XP grind to 15 times! Therefore not making levels such a grind for the first couple of days!

Happy surviving guys!

Erin 21 Apr, 2017

Crazy. I've been designing a new home in excel for the past few hours. I guess I'll put the pause on that and grind for a bit. See you guys in the world.

Guest 21 Apr, 2017

It's running *really* slowly for me. The previous map always gave me solid performance.

I hope I can figure it out quickly - I was level 70 on the previous map (and had just finished breeding a Baryonyx), and I was completely caught off guard by the server wipe. Doesn't bother me much as long as I can catch up to roughly the same level reasonably quickly, but I won't be able to do that if I spend all day fighting with settings to make it run well.

Erin 22 Apr, 2017

It loaded super slow the first time for me, but once in I was able to level to 24 and build a 1x1 wooden hut. The real world calls, however, so I am off for the moment.

Guest 22 Apr, 2017

Yeah, I figured it out - just docker containers being resource hogs. Everything's good now.

I'm at level 51 and have a small house. I've got all the engrams for metal/iron items, but I've got some more effort to put in before I have the resources to make it all. It didn't help that a level 115 raptor and a level 135 terror bird spawned at my house.

Ketil 22 Apr, 2017

This was what I needed to really get back into ARK. Was a bit bored with the old server, but the new is kind of cool.

iAlwaysSin 22 Apr, 2017

I'm living for these like built in ruins on this map!
And daym the primitive+ is kinda cool!

I'm glad I did this although caused me a lot of stress yesterday making sure it worked and such!

Erin 22 Apr, 2017

Logging back in for the second time. It takes forever to load!! Once in its cool though.

Xpander 22 Apr, 2017

loading time was insanely long indeed. graphically the center map looks a lot better imo. there are better ground textures and mountains on the distance look also great and not with 16x16 texture loops.
so far no graphical glitches except the flashing light when leaving inventory noticed also. but im sure there are once we start to fly around the map.

lunix 23 Apr, 2017

I've joined too but with the v256 disaster the game is too grindy to be enjoyable.

iAlwaysSin 23 Apr, 2017

Yeah the loading is unreal, but its solid once im in!
Finally getting a home after dying like 1000 times!

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