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The Witcher 3 in Wine
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Pangaea 8 Jul

What?! Are you crazy? Of course not!

PS: I was more honest this time, to see what would happen, and ended up having to pay 1000 crowns. To Vivaldi.

Last edited by Pangaea on 8 July 2021 at 9:36 pm UTC
Pangaea 9 Jul
WitcherCon is on, for those interested:

I only dropped in half an hour ago or so. It's been okay, if a little awkward at times.

I suppose it's news that the show will start on December 17? They seemed to make a big deal out of it.
Pangaea 9 Jul
Thought the interview with Cavill was the most interesting part. Seems really passionate about the whole universe, and knows what he's talking about - a genuine fan.

I keep hearing that some people disliked the show, but I actually rather liked it. So far anyway. Look forward to season 2. And keep hoping they won't "GOT" it up. But for now it's been good, and hopefully they learn from what mistakes were made and improve on it, instead of crapping all over the rest like a certain other series did.

I too look forward to seeing Vesemir in the show, and hopefully they do him justice.
Shmerl 9 Jul
Yeah, the interview was interesting. I think the show could be better in some ways, but in general they are doing a good job.

There is also animated film about Vesemir and sacking of Kaer Morhen coming out in August - Nightmare of the Wolf.

Last edited by Shmerl on 9 July 2021 at 8:19 pm UTC
Pangaea 18 Jul
Don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel safe here with no railings or anything, and the wind biting in my shoulders

(I hadn't noticed this path before)

Hopefully Geralt has Aard at the ready, because this could quickly get out of control


This one wasn't that well-hidden to be honest, but I've never come across it before. Think it even showed up in the journal.


I'm sure there must be different ways of handling it, but I ended up killing the bloke inside.

Shmerl 18 Jul
Yeah, the best way to handle it is not to open it the second time.
Pangaea 19 Jul
Quoting: ShmerlYeah, the best way to handle it is not to open it the second time.
Nice. Just by waiting then? I just had an "open sarcophagus" or "exit/do nothing" conversation option.
Oh well, something to do for a next playthrough, if I do yet another one. For now I want to do the expansions again, as I've only played them once.

Don't mess with Geralt, or he'll turn you into his favourite race: dwarves.


Also, we're working on Roach's stairs descending ability

(this was Holmstein or some place like that, and we walked down a bunch of stairs.)
Pangaea 21 Jul
I'm trying to learn Roach how to walk down more stairs. Sadly she completely locked up here



With Roach refusing to carry me down that long, winding path, let's change strategy. Let's skinny-dip!


I died about 8 times, but finally.... success!

Unfortunately I can't turn the camera up when in the water, but that's a loooong way up!

Shmerl 21 Jul
I see you went with Cat school armor this time.
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