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The Witcher 3 in Wine
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Shmerl 15 Aug, 2021
Heh, I used that elevator quite often when in Skellige.
Pangaea 21 Aug, 2021
Suppose you may have looked at this @Shmerl, but noticed there were bands of 'text' on the guardians near Avallach's hideout. Maybe the same as in some other signs and graffiti?


Implicit spoilers below, beware!!

Not perfect timing, but I still like this shot :)


Don't... Mess... With... Ciri!!



Best of luck, Ciri


I was still terribly sad to wander around Kaer Morhen afterwards. All empty...


However, I do understand why the place is falling apart. It doesn't look very sturdy...


Well then... off to the expansions!
Shmerl 22 Aug, 2021
No, I haven't tried transcribing those, but I noticed all golems have some text on them, yeah.
Shmerl 22 Aug, 2021
Quoting: PangaeaI was still terribly sad to wander around Kaer Morhen afterwards. All empty...

I think Keira alone stays, so at least you have someone to talk to there :)

To get to her you need to climb on the wall and jump down (she still should be marked with the alchemist icon). I think it's a bug and wasn't intended, but makes Kaer Morhen less deserted at least.

Last edited by Shmerl on 22 August 2021 at 5:17 am UTC
Pangaea 10 Sep, 2021

needlessoptions 3 Oct, 2021
Has anyone tried lighting mods? I installed Immersive Lighting from Nexus but it's made no difference as far as I can tell. I was thinking it could be something to do with shaders not recompiling? idk
Shmerl 3 Oct, 2021
I haven't tried such mods.
needlessoptions 4 Oct, 2021
Nevermind, GNOME archive manager was failing to extract all the files for some reason, did it with p7zip and it's working great!

Mohandevir 7 Oct, 2021
Leaving that here...

It's not really surprising for us, but knowing that CDPR is in the loop too is great, imo.
denyasis 11 Oct, 2021
Little late to the party here, but just started the game for the first time using the proton wine implementation.

Runs great, even on higher settings. Well done by the wine team and company!

Now just I gotta get used to the different control scheme after finishing Witcher 2. But sofar, I'm really enjoying it. Combat's a lot easier in TW3, in part because everything feels tighter with the combat moves. TW2 felt "mushy" with it's controls. If say the only thing I'm still trying to get a hold of are the defensive actions. Parrying and riposte are very hard, I can't seem to get the timing just right... And then take an axe to the face... Again.

I'm kinda wondering if it's my trackball, maybe a controller would be better? Any opinions on controller usage (Steam Controller)?

Can't wait to keep at it!

Last edited by denyasis on 11 October 2021 at 10:01 pm UTC
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