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A New Game Screenshots Thread
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14 26 Oct, 2020

Tomb Raider: Dark Souls Edition
(Actually: Rise of the Tomb Raider)
Sojiro84 26 Oct, 2020
Enjoying Genshin Impact while it lasts.
Avehicle7887 26 Oct, 2020
Finally an update to No Man's Sky where the game doesn't crash. Started a new game and managed to play 40mins straight without crashing.


Avehicle7887 3 Nov, 2020
The screenshot below has a story to tell.

I'm currently *still* running Debian 9, reason is moving to a newer one (such as Debian 10) will require a lot of work due to the amount of customizations I've implemented and Debian 11 is just a few months away, that's when I'll upgrade (rolling distros are not an option for me). In the meantime I wanted to play this game again (compatibility with older distros broke with the latest update), so what could I do besides waiting? Enter the world of Chroot.

What I did:
Downloaded Ubuntu 20.10 ISO and have extracted the 'filesystem.squashfs' file. (This file contains the live environment).
Unpacked the squashfs file itself into a folder. (With this done I can now Chroot via terminal into the system).
In terminal I ran: xhost +local: (This will allow GUI software from the chroot environment to run on my real desktop).

Here's the tricky part:
mounted real "/dev/snd" to "my/chroot/dev/snd" (This gave sound access to the chroot)
mounted real "/dev/dri" to "my/chroot/dev/dri" (This partially gave GPU access to the chroot)
mounted real "/sys" to "my/chroot/sys" (This gave further access to the GPU inc. acceleration)

End Result:

EDIT: Tried the same method with Nvidia GPU and as expected didn't work, normal utilities such as calculator or even file manager works fine but nothing in the way of 3d acceleration (not even llvmpipe).

Most people won't need this but it goes to show the power and flexibility of Linux.

Last edited by Avehicle7887 on 3 November 2020 at 10:23 pm UTC
slack 6 Nov, 2020

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (via Proton)
Polychoron alpha 0.0.9 (running natively on Xubuntu)

FREE downloads (Linux, Windows, Android) here:
whizse 21 Mar
  • Supporter

Just relaxing with a crossword puzzle in Emacs...
Checking out Exhumed/Powerslave using the Raze engine (GZDOOM based). Eveyrthing working well so far.


Xpander 16 Apr
Metro Exodus Native linux port. Super smooth! Very nicely done.
Rooster 17 Apr
Quoting: 14

Tomb Raider: Dark Souls Edition
(Actually: Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Are you trying to say Rise of the Tomb Raider is hard?
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