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New Desktop Screenshot Thread
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Pengling 24 Aug, 2022
Quoting: sourpuzYou like bold colours!
Haha, yes, I do! The background changes every fifteen minutes (same as my other machines), so this was just what I had up at the time.

Quoting: sourpuzThat seems like a comfy RaspberryPi,
It feels a whole lot comfier than Raspberry Pi OS to be able to set it up exactly like my other computers, I must admit - I almost regret putting up with it for so long, now!

Quoting: sourpuzI think Xubuntu has always had one of the nicest XFCE themes around.And it's blazing fast, in my experience.
I'm a big fan of it, and it's great on this hardware, too!

For me, there's no reason to use the official distro anymore - and I'm one of those people who even put up with it and learned how to block new apt sources from being added without authorisation, that time a year or two ago when they used a standard update to automatically add and trust a third-party repo without users' permission.

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Arcadius-8606 25 Aug, 2022

I have PPSSPP with a few games on it.

  • The Lord of the Rings - Aragorn's Quest

  • The Lord of the Rings - Tactics

I don't know if they are good or not but been re-reading various Tolkien books with all the buzz about the show. I don't plan on seeing it but I did have fun 'Shadow of Mordor' while ending it. I also played War of the Ring years ago and loved that.

Redream is the best party gaming things for when my friends are over. So far none of the SP stuff has impressed me enough to keep playing it.

Last edited by Arcadius-8606 on 25 August 2022 at 9:37 pm UTC
Cybolic 25 Aug, 2022
Quoting: Arcadius-8606[...]
Wallpaper link
Arcadius-8606 26 Aug, 2022
Quoting: CybolicWallpaper link

Ty. I actually found it on Wallhaven but I would love to pass coin to the artist. I really like this art.
Pengling 29 Aug, 2022
I just had the whole fleet together for updates and stuff, and I took screenshots while I was at it. Smallest to largest;

With Neofetch;
Spoiler, click me
GPD MicroPC. Linux-Fu. Image source:

With Neofetch (which looks pretty cool with this background);
Spoiler, click me
GPD Win Max 2021. Custom Battler Bomberman. Image source:

With Neofetch;
Spoiler, click me
Entroware Orion i5. Phoenix Wright Steam Trading Card art.

With Neofetch;
Spoiler, click me
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Tanglewood Nymn and Echo. Image source:

EDIT: Disaster! The Xubuntu setup that I sorted out for my Raspberry Pi corrupted a couple of microSD Cards within a few days! I don't have the time or inclination to troubleshoot this at the moment, so for now I've retired the machine from its desktop tasks (I'll find some other job for it) and am now docking my Entroware Orion i5 at my desk as needed. Considering that the UK is expecting blackouts in the winter, it's probably better to be using a machine with an on-board battery and not one that depends on SD Cards, anyway.

Last edited by Pengling on 6 September 2022 at 10:00 pm UTC
StoneColdSpider 14 Sep, 2022
Ive been meaning to post here for about a week but kept forgetting........ Not that my desktop is exciting or anything..... I really havnt changed that much from the default KDE Plasma dekstop enviroment on EndeavourOS....... Anyway here it is.....

I really do like that spaceman wallpaper and I doubt I will change it anytime soon...... The last wallpaper I had lasted from 2013-2022 before switching to Linux.......

Last edited by StoneColdSpider on 14 September 2022 at 12:56 pm UTC
ChristieRiley 16 Sep, 2022
I found a lot of great wallpapers here :D
Grogan 17 Sep, 2022
I'm old school, and I like old stuff. This is my main system that I use for work, and more serious stuff. (I don't play many games here... I have a custom Manjaro setup for that)

This is XFCE 4.12.0 from 2015, the last version of it that I liked and there's no reason I can't use it (the parts of it that I use still compile). At the time the only thing ported to GTK+3 was xfce4-panel but it had a --disable-gtk3 option, so this is pure GTK+2 like some of my other favourite applications.

I'm a virtual desktop/workspace user for my workflow. Maximized applications each on their own desktop and I slide around with the mouse and pager (wrap workspaces at screen edge, and focus follows mouse model)

The wallpaper is a screenshot from my Metro Exodus game. "The Volga" level (my favourite).

I call this system "Bollux" but it's a from scratch system maintained by hand.

I don't know what would happen if I use img here (automatic resize or pollute thread with 1920x1080 image?) so I'll just make a clickable link.
Grogan 17 Sep, 2022
This is my custom Manjaro desktop that I use for gaming. (Steam, Lutris)

I like lightweight things, no gnome or plasma for me. Even modern XFCE sickens me. I use Lumina Desktop 1.60 with a specific commit of fluxbox (1d19662c8975e881b4fa6465a8305be3ea5282ee) for the window manager, otherwise bad window and focus behaviour. That's the whole REASON I switched to Lumina, because I was previously using Trinity (TDE) for years, until I started having focus problem with some games, for example taskbar popping up in the middle of games and mouse breaking out etc.

I named it Manjaroo, because it really is both gutted and heavily customized. I have a lot of distro packages as dependencies (too onerous to maintain all of it + lib32), but the main stuff is all custom PKGBUILDs. This is a lot of work, to keep a "good" gaming environment that I don't hate (admittedly, I don't like much).

Last edited by Grogan on 17 September 2022 at 8:04 pm UTC
Pengling 17 Sep, 2022

Some Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! boss-battle fan-art that I like, this time around, depicting Bomberman fighting Ashtarth!

Quoting: GroganI don't know what would happen if I use img here (automatic resize or pollute thread with 1920x1080 image?) so I'll just make a clickable link.
The forum will automatically shrink the image to fit, and then it can be clicked to view it at full-size.

Last edited by Pengling on 17 September 2022 at 10:19 pm UTC
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