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WINE Game Screenshot Thread
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crt0mega 25 Jan
Quoting: HamishAmerican McGee's Alice
It's sad that there's no ioquake3-based open source port of this game :(

Yesterday I've tried to run Battlefield 1 again because I needed a bit less role playing and sci-fi.

Hamish 25 Jan
Quoting: crt0mega
Quoting: HamishAmerican McGee's Alice
It's sad that there's no ioquake3-based open source port of this game :(
Alice has Ritual's ÜberTools on top of the id Tech 3 engine which may complicate things a bit. Still trying to see if I can track down the Linux port of Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 to try.
Hamish 26 Jan
Clive Barker's Undying

It was the sheep that did it I swear. You can trust me on this, I am after all a Shepard.
Pengling 28 Feb
Yume Nikki (Steam), via Proton
I've been playing Yume Nikki for the first time, lately. It's free on Steam, works perfectly with Proton, and has key-to-gamepad mapping already built in.

Poor Madotsuki!
I got the 1-in-64 Crick in the Neck event really early on, during the second time that I played the game, too, which I didn't expect after having seen footage where players just couldn't get it to trigger no matter how many times they tried.
Been playing Ghost of a Tale lately. Cute little game and looks gorgeous too. Also I have finally taken the time to setup MangoHud on my system (it was about time).

Xpander 6 Mar
Finally got a new GPU. Started to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, which on my 1080Ti ran like ~30 fps at 1440p.
with the RTX 3080 all cranked to max it's nicely mostly above 80, with rare dips to 75.
crt0mega 7 Mar

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crt0mega 15 Mar
Just completed the main story and heading for the "Nightmare Levels" tomorrow ^^
Free_gamer 26 Mar

Not the best performance on my laptop, but still fun to go on a little road trip with the boys. 😄
Xpander 27 Mar
Been playing some Terminator: Resistance
Voicacting and story is kinda bad, but not like bad bad, But somehow this game feels like care has put into it.
No stupid hollywood like cutscenes where time is running out and stuff flying on the screen. It feels more like half life 2 type experience, first person "cutscenes" and kinda basic gameplay with some modern features. Love it actually.
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