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Working around Ryzen CPU freezes
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Shmerl 11 May, 2018

Quoting: devnullI've seen something quite similar with Samsung NVME drives. The latency remains high
because the drive remains at a lower power state.

Funny, I've just got recent Samsung nvme for my primary drive, and was trying to figure out its erase block size. Samsung support was completely abysmal, they refused to give any information and said something weird like "we aren't allowed to support Linux users". Whaat??

I ended up setting 6 MiB offset for partitions to account for some potentially weird erase block sizes (like 1536 KiB one). And fio produces some of these results.

devnull 11 May, 2018

To be fair, that is a bit of an odd question :) Not entirely sure I know why you'd need that nor if you meant the trim? And did you mean the _960_ ? 970's just came out like this week no?

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