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Re-doing the design, again!
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Liam Dawe 13 Apr, 2013
So folks I am working on a better design for GOL at the moment and here's a sneaky peak!

Main design (test website with a database snapshot) -
username: test.prxa
password: test

Still very much a work in progress but it's a responsive design that will scale much better to screen resolutions and devices.

All thanks to the "bootstrap" library which it uses for nearly everything!

  • Give option of changing email on PM in UserCP.

  • Test for bugs.

Big thanks to Nate Wright for introducing me to bootstrap.

Crowdfunding link will of course not work as the wiki is on this domain.
fedso 13 Apr, 2013
It looks modern and clean, I like it! Here a couple of points:

- the "more" buttons looks quite striking compared to the rest of the page, I'd like something less evident, like appending a "full article" or "more" link at the end of the tagline. After all a reader will probably read the tagline before going to the full article so a small "more" won't be missed.
Will be possible to reach the article also clicking on the title?

- the side column seems large to me, 1/6 of the page just for the login block looks wasted space... maybe more compact and smaller font? but this is just my taste, I like to have as much info as possible on the screen without having to scroll.

- the forms for username, password and the category chooser don't scale as the rest of the column if browser is resized (I usually set it to use half screen)

thanks for sharing!
Liam Dawe 13 Apr, 2013
Adjusted it a little now i agree the sidebar was too big, only half adjusted though, also agree the more buttons are too striking (i didn't put them there, the guy who introduced me to bootstrap did that).

More work on it tonight :)

Edit > Login box is now smaller as I can use placeholder to put the field names inside the fields, looks nicer!

Removed the big "More" buttons as not needed and really big.
muntdefems 13 Apr, 2013
Here's my 5 cents. I tend to resist to changes and this occasion is no exception. I like the old design best, but I have to admit the new one certainly looks more modern. However, I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it after only a couple of days and I'll end up loving it. ^_^

What I do not like at all is the header links ("Donate", "Sales", "Wiki", etc) new location, hidden inside that drop-down button. Isn't there a way to fit them all in the new header, in plain sight?

About the Sales page, or what I can see about it, I think it's OK. I cannot give a final verdict with the current content, though. Could you upload some of the current sales to the test page so I can judge it better, please? Also, what about the flexible column widths I asked for some days ago? ;)

PS: during the weekend I only have access to a netbook, so all my opinions are based on the new design's looks on a 1024x600 resolution screen.
Liam Dawe 13 Apr, 2013
Sadly the current design just isnt flexible enough which is the main reason for the switch.
It only makes header links disseapear when they cant all fit in, still working out what ones i want there so the nav bar will undergo more work including the sites name taking out for more space (logo will go above).

As for the sales page im not sure how easy it will be to have flexible column widths as doing that for many columns is quite tricky! I would rather we find a good size to do each by themselves.
Liam Dawe 14 Apr, 2013
Updated some more, changed the links, articles page added, still all a WIP of course.
Alex V.Sharp 14 Apr, 2013
You could've told me you'd be working on the redesign on your own instead of letting me continue figuring out how to recreate the site for both looks and functionality, liam. Would've saved me a lot of time had you just told me "No thanks, I'm thinking a different direction"

Now I feel like I just wasted my time for nothing... *scrapped* :><:
Liam Dawe 14 Apr, 2013
Sorry buddy didnt think you where working on a full design. I hardly hear from you too so didn't know.
muntdefems 15 Apr, 2013
I've just seen the new design for the sales page and I love it! With one different column for each of the 3 currencies I don't think there'd be any width problem. :)
fedso 21 Apr, 2013
how is the new design going?
Liam Dawe 21 Apr, 2013
Have taken a break from it for a few days will get back on it asap :)
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