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Best games for a Linux newbie
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g000h 21 Sep, 2018

Quoting: Rooster
Quoting: g000h
Quoting: damarrinLooks like a hit and run.

Guessing you are saying that because the original poster hasn't responded. Well, it's not a big deal, we *all* benefit from reading comments like the ones above, not just the forum poster.

Indeed. For example, thanks to your post I remembered that 7 Days to Die is a thing. I completely forgot to add it to my wishlist.

Also, how good is Crypt of the Necrodancer? I was eyeing it a lot in the past, because I love when games have music in sync with gameplay (like Doom 2016, Distance, Pyre). However, the gameplay of Necrodancer didn't seem like my kind of thing so I opted to skip it.

I wasn't sure myself, when I bought it. Hadn't really played anything comparable before. But, after deciding to try it out one day, I got completely sucked it. It is one of those games which is easy to get started, but hard to complete. But even though it is hard to complete, you just want to keep on trying and trying because it is such fun.

It takes skill, but not the sort of "skill" required to click 10+ buttons on a gamepad. You only need to use 4 buttons, i.e. 4 cursor keys on your keyboard in order to play - And it is really nice being able to play one-handed. You need to think ahead, and work out moves a few moves in advance, as well as keeping in step with the rhythm.

It is a really well-crafted game. The weapons and items, the strategy, the fore-thought, the different monsters. As you go level by level deeper and deeper into the game, you're not facing the same monsters. You're facing new, fresh, different ones and you need to develop different strategies to face them.

Probably recommend purchasing when you spot it on sale, and adding it to your wishlist for now. Unless my comments above have converted you to "instant purchase". This little video might help make your mind up:

14 23 Sep, 2018

Quoting: AcrophobicStrategy: All Paradox and Firaxis games. My favorite is Crusader King II, where you play as a noble in middle ages....
I loved reading your blurb about Crusader Kings II and then seeing that it was already in my library! Ha! I am excited to play it sometime.

g000h 24 Sep, 2018

Quoting: RoosterAlso, how good is Crypt of the Necrodancer?

Letting you know - Right *now* Crypt of the Necrodancer is 80% discounted on Steam. Even if you don't like it you could grab it, play it for 2 hours and still return it.

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