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Navi , Polaris succesor to launch on Q3 2019
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The_Aquabat 3 Oct, 2018
QuoteThe 14nm Vega 10 and Polaris 10 GPUs, used in the RX Vega and RX 500-series cards respectively, hold a total of 4,096 Stream Processors for Vega and 2,304 inside the Polaris chip. Thanks to the 7nm process, AMD could fit roughly 1.6x more logic into the same die space with Navi… if TSMC’s numbers are to be believed.
QuoteAMD Navi pricing
Pricing all depends on whether AMD target the high-end or mid-range markets with Navi. This will likely also affect whether AMD utilise pricey HBM2 memory, or GDDR6. A midrange RX 680 could be somewhere in the realm of $330 to $400 at the most, while the top high-end card closer to $600.

what you guys think? I'm thinking of upgrading my rx460 to a rx480. But with Navi so close maybe it's worthwhile waiting and saving a bit more to get navi. After all there's just a handfull of games where rx460 falls short, and Windows games mostly not that I care much.
It should be taken into account what happens with the mining industry, with coin prices low and ASIC miners being 5 times more efficient than graphics cards, prices should stay low, but you never now what could happen in the future.
Xpander 3 Oct, 2018
So close? June 2019. I'd say upgrade if you feel your current one isn't enough now. wait only if there are few months to wait for new one.
The_Aquabat 3 Oct, 2018
Quoting: GuestThere is no reliable information in that press article. Only guesses based on.. rumours about rumours ! You do not even know if that "journalist" has even heard those rumours he alludes to. He could simply make up things to sell clicks.

If you do not really need that RX480 then you do not need it ;) And why are you talking about a 480 anyway ? I thought they were selling 580's nowadays. I am not sure i would trust a second hand card in those times of mining.

In my opinion, right now the GPU prices are far from being low. And i expect them to stay high for quite a while. On another forum i watch -baffled- hardcore gamers throwing themselves on nvidia 2000 series. Seeing the prices, i camp on my 970 !

So, yeah, i would wait. But those are just my two cents. :)

I'm mentioning 480 because you can probably get it cheaper, and the 580 it's a refresh, my 460 reports as a 560 in some apps.
I don't know what you call high.... on AMazon you can get a 480 refurbished for 140 and a brand new for 220 usd. I don't mind buying refurbished as long it has amazon seal of approval.
The_Aquabat 3 Oct, 2018
I live in Argentina import taxes are high as well but I don't know why, but recently, some imports are tax free. I don't know I think it has a limit like 300 usd, that's tax free.
The_Aquabat 3 Oct, 2018
jeez everything is rumors and gossips you are right @Dedale

now here's an article that says that by the end of the years AMD will launch the rx 6xx lineup, a polaris refresh. I don't think they will launch Navi so close to rx600, my guess is that navi will come way into 2019.
Shmerl 4 Oct, 2018
I think the interesting newcomer will be their architecture after Navi. Something AMD are calling super-SIMD. It supposedly should provide a lot of advantages for gaming scenarios. But may be Navi will be using it already?
Shmerl 4 Nov, 2018
Some suggest now that Navi will launch in Q3 2019.
Xpander 6 Dec, 2018
Who said January? January they will probably be revealed officially at CES 2019. Launch is more likely May/June timeframe (or at Computex 2019), like with new Ryzen 3rd Gen.

Naming of the GPUs is a bit odd if true, but well i guess they want to line up with the ryzen numbers and then also its marketing, so they have higher numbers than nvidia. But yeah, since the RX590 problems i wouldnt hold my hope for day 1 amazing support.
Shmerl 9 Jan, 2019
Something might be announced tomorrow.
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