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[Fixed, and fast !] Ignore list not working on the forum.
Dedale 4 Oct, 2018


I see the users i blocked do not appear in the article comments. Good. But their posts are still visible on the forum. :P

I have a scroll wheel of course but blocking some people is a neat way to save your time and sanity. ;)

Liam Dawe 4 Oct, 2018

Sorry about that, I've been meaning to sort that out for a while. I just did, let me know how it goes?

Dedale 4 Oct, 2018

It works splendidly !

Thank you and bravo ! Talk about a bug, said bug is nuked before the end of the same evening ! ^_^

Liam Dawe 4 Oct, 2018

Well, something like this is pretty important. Can't really sit on it, sorry it took so long.

Ps. Totally forgot to add the "minus" image for after you've expanded a blocked comment, that's now fixed too.

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