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RX 550 strange things...
TimeFreeze commented on 22 October 2018 at 4:30 pm UTC

So first i hope this is the right Category to post this. If not: dont hurt me please. Secondly: So a week ago or so. I finally bought a "New" Graphics Card. The RX 550 2GB OC from Gigabyte. Thought it would be a good purchase because i had a "old" GTX 580 with only 1,5GB and well didnt support new Features like Vulkan for example. And the MHZ things and all where lower too. But here is the thing now not only do i get worse Performance than i had with my "Old" one. I cant even get to run Vulkan Games. For Example when i try to change the API in DOOM from Direct X or OpenGL to Vulkan it just crashes and dont start. Just a simple "The Engine has Crashed" Message and if i liked to report the issue. Now i ask: Whats the problem? My Graphics Card? Drivers? Programs?

Thanks for any Comment in advance.

lucinos commented on 22 October 2018 at 4:45 pm UTC

a) an RX 550 unfortunately is not that great upgrade from a gtx 580. You changed from an old (but not ancient) high end gpu to a new low end, so it is not best.

b) I have an RX 560 4GB and it is so far great! I do not have DOOM to check but I have Talos and is running with Vulkan. On my laptop with an intel HD 4400, Talos does not run with Vulkan but does run with OpenGL. On my laptop Vulkan does work for a triangle test but does not work for anything more complicated. Also on my RX 560, the basemark with vulkan does run but not right. other than that I am happy with my gpu.

That is just a theory of mine, not very tested but I feel that Vulkan games are very hungry for VRAM and other things, If Vulkan does not see the resources he likes he does not work at all while OGL would always try to do the right thing. Do not know if that is true but so far it seems that way to me.

if there is a chance that something is wrong (like drivers) it would help to give more info like:

inxi -F

TimeFreeze commented on 23 October 2018 at 8:02 am UTC

GuestYour PC info shows that you are using the closed source driver. Use the open source driver. Remove amdgpu-pro and use Mesa.

Thanks! That did the trick. Now i can run Vulkan without Crashes and with some Resolution Tweaks the performance is way better. Still weird that the Closed Source Drivers made that problems with Vulkan Crashes...

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