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Bethesda games
dvd commented on 18 December 2018 at 3:38 pm UTC

Since i haven't actively used wine in a couple of years, i'm curious how well wine runs the TES and the Fallout series. From the AppDB test results it seems the newer the game, the worse it runs. One thing i'm curious about is how well do these games behave nowadays with modded versions of the base games. (I guess i'm mostly interested in Skyrim and Fallout: NV)
Do the basic stuff like script extenders, graphics enhancers, unofficial patches, texture packs, mod load order sorters work at all?
Do the games freeze every 5 minutes with the mods/extenders enabled or do they run just as long as on windows?

damarrin commented on 18 December 2018 at 4:47 pm UTC

I run Skyrim with a couple of mods and it’s all ok. I used to get a walking bug in plain wine (PlayOnLinux actually) where the character would keep walking for a bit after letting go of the forward button, but it doesn’t happen in Proton any more on the same machine. Though I understand this happens on Windows, too.

The mods weren’t loading properly on one Proton version, but I set another and all was fine.

Skyrim SE is not so good, it basically works but there are sounds missing. Or at least they were when I tried it a few weeks ago. It may have improved in the mean time.

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