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Native Linux Before Steam
mirv commented on 9 March 2019 at 9:27 am UTC

naegling23everyone missed the part where you spend 3 weeks on the ubuntu forums trying to track down a dependency issue.

Well, I personally can't comment about Ubuntu on that. I was gaming on GNU/Linux before Ubuntu existed, and knew my way around a *nix system enough that the "ease" of Ubuntu didn't appeal to me when it did, but I was using Debian (on which Ubuntu is based) for a long time.

Strangely, back in the day, I had very few dependency problems for games. It was more a case of drivers breaking with a kernel xfree86 update. I guess developers used fewer external libraries, or perhaps there were fewer (stable) external libraries available there were suitable for game development, or maybe people were just more careful about packaging. Regardless, grabbing some tarball, compiling some game from source code, or installing from some *.sh, most of it pretty much just worked.

There was a time when dependencies started to become a problem. It started for me before Steam was released for GNU/Linux, but shot up a bit with it as more games became available. And then Steam itself gave me problems for a while because the "Steam Runtime" wasn't compatible with system libraries at all, and indeed some games I still can't run because of that, but all this has largely started to settle down. Or maybe it's just me refusing to play a game if I need to install 200+ packages that nothing else other than game uses.

darthbasselope commented on 12 March 2019 at 9:06 pm UTC

I started with Mandrake and RPM hell was for real that is why when I got highspeed internet I switched to Debian pretty much every dependency was in the repository just use synaptic or apt and get it. Ubuntu was pretty much the same no real dependency issues just easier to install. If Canonical gets bought up by somebody I may have to change distros depending on how they treat the OS like installing a bunch of spyware. but that seems to be a little ways away. I am thinking Solus, Manjaro, or Debian.

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