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DIABLO on Linux
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legluondunet 17 Sep, 2019

this is a new 64 bits build compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 with glibc27. I launched it on Ubuntu 19.04 it worked.
Could you test it?

Dedale 17 Sep, 2019


It works !

And it takes my multiplayer character from the 32 bit versions !

Now, let's hope if it works on my rig it works everywhere else !

And thank you for your efforts !

sub 17 Sep, 2019

How well does DevilutionX work compared with the original experience?

Dedale 17 Sep, 2019

My original experience dates back from a 1997 power MAC at 120 Mhz so is a bit old.

The Linux 32 bits build seems to work flawlessly. I did play all types of levels and it is fluid and i had no incident. You play with lateral black bands with the original aspect ratio. i find it very comfortable. But my testing was brief. I played mostly the WINE version. Until yesterday.

My testing of the 64 bits build was even briefer. No problem yet.

IMHO, it is a game that has aged well.

For the curious ones. The windows version worked well but the sound was quickly garbled (my WINE-fu is modest) and the levels 9-11 had a scintillating pointer problem. Nothing of that sort while playing native.

legluondunet 17 Sep, 2019

Now that DevilutionX 64 bits version promoted as stable, there is no more reason to use:
- DevilutionX Windows + Wine (very annoying sound garbled)
- DevilutionX 32 bits

For the moment DevilutionX is an original Diablo experience. Later the devs will implement graphic features (scale, widescreen) and possibility to mod like Belzebuth or Tchernobog mods.
Like said Dedale, the game well aged and I had a lot of fun to play it hours recently.

sub 17 Sep, 2019

Thank you!

Original experience is exactly what I'm after.

Dedale 17 Sep, 2019

Right now i am enjoying my LVL 43 mage. I did play that game a lot as you can see.

mrdeathjr 17 Sep, 2019

this is a new 64 bits build compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 with glibc27. I launched it on Ubuntu 19.04 it worked.
Could you test it?

Many thanks no more i386, however in my case works too but x64 is better

Avehicle7887 26 Sep, 2019

I've managed to compile devilutionx on Debian 9. In case anyone is still running an old distro I've uploaded a copy:

legluondunet 27 Sep, 2019

Hello Avehicle,

thank you for your contribution, more sources, more users could test this very nice Diablo port.
From my side, I updated my build with last today's git:
In this new release, there is an important issue resolved: no more echoes/multiple voice.
I tested my build on:
- Ubuntu 18.04 OK
- Ubuntu 19.04 OK
- Debian 10 stable OK
- Arch stable OK

I'm curious to know if it works on others Linux distributions.
Avehicle my build is not Debian 9 compatible?

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