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[fixed] Tag (de)selection on first page load doesn't work.
Pit 2 Apr, 2019

As title says: I've two tag filters in my profile ('Feral' and 'Steam play'). When I log in, I check the 'stay logged in' checkbox. If I then, after a day or so, visit the GOL page again (from my bookmarks, pointing to it does show me as logged in, but also shows me news that are supposed to be filtered out.

If I click 'reload', or load the page again in a new tab, the filter is applied correctly. So maybe somehow cookie related?

In case it matters, browser is Vivaldi (snapshot, currently 2.5.1497.4).

Liam Dawe 2 Apr, 2019

I will need a screenshot when it happens so I can see. It's nothing to do with cookies, it's taken directly from the database when visiting the homepage.

Sounds more like it might be a cache issue in Vivaldi possibly.

Pit 2 Apr, 2019

Does that work if I add an image here? Ah no, it has to be hosted somewhere else, is it?
That's a screenshot from when I first loaded the page today (good I made one...)

I had not loaded the page (with those article) earlier, so it can hardly be a cache issue. And as you can see, it is not even directly visible on the page, I had to scroll down several articles before that one was shown/loaded. But the icon in the top shows that I am logged in.

Could it be that verifying login status takes too long first time, and the article content is requested in anonymous state or something? (sorry for blind guessing...).

Liam Dawe 2 Apr, 2019

Well there's nothing in our error logs about any issues, you're the only one reporting an issue so far and as far as I can tell my end it's working fine. No idea what the issue could be right now.

QuoteCould it be that verifying login status takes too long first time, and the article content is requested in anonymous state or something? (sorry for blind guessing...).
No, just not how it works.

If it happens again, could you check the networking panels and so on to make sure it's not grabbing some kind of page cache? I've tested and re-tested and the only time I've seen it is on Android, where i closed everything and loaded the browser and it seemed to save the page state or something as refreshing it then showed articles removed from a tag. Can't reproduce on desktop.

Pit 2 Apr, 2019

Well, as I wrote, the article in question had not yet been there the last time I had visited GOL, and it had been the first access. So even if it was trying to use something cached, I wouldn't know where it should get it from....
I had seen it before (twice), also on a different computer (same browser though). So after the third time I thought it's worth a bug report. But if I'm the only one seeing it don't bother....

g000h 2 Apr, 2019

As Liam's suggestion is hinting, I would suggest using a selection of different browsers and devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) - Login to GOL website - and see if you get the same filtering problem across *all* browsers/tests. If it happens with everything then it is more likely to be a site issue. If it only happens on one browser, then it is likely to be a problem with the browser end (and might be related to caching at some point in the traversal across the internet or in the local file system).

Liam Dawe 2 Apr, 2019

After what felt like endless screwing around, I found it myself.

Funny reproduction method: Add tags on my phone, open firefox on desktop (GOL is my own homepage :P) and boom it doesn't happen until a refresh.

Bug confirmed.

Liam Dawe 2 Apr, 2019

Update: It should now be fixed.

Essentially, I was looping over the blocked list and then checking the user session. The issue comes up, since the session checker does the auto-login, so the blocked list would be empty until the refresh. Had the function calls in the wrong order.

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