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how to build 32 bit mesa with ninja and meson?
The_Aquabat 22 May, 2019

hi everyone is there a simple way to build mesa 32 bit with ninja and meson?? on a x86_64 host.


whizse 22 May, 2019

I usually use a 32bit chroot.

tomlowshang 22 May, 2019

Use a 32bit chroot then symlink the result into the 64bit host.

The_Aquabat 24 May, 2019

tomlowshangUse a 32bit chroot then symlink the result into the 64bit host.

ah ok thanks, can I copy the compiled mesa libs to the host directly?

hmm maybe I'll just create a ubuntu/debian chroot I suppose it's easier.

tomlowshang 27 May, 2019

You can copy the libraries if you prefer. I did that for years but recently realized it wasn't necessary in my situation.

sr_ls_boy 28 May, 2019

Studying the logs for a distribution would help.
Mesa logs for debian

The line below is essentially how you tell meson to build 32-bit.

Spoiler, click me

CC="gcc -m32" \
CXX="g++ -m32" \

Shmerl 15 Aug, 2019

32-bit cross compilation is a mess in Debian at least, that's why I don't bother. The alternative is to use 32-bit VM, lxc container or chroot.

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