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What is going on with Radeon-profile (Much higher temps with it running)
daniel77 24 May, 2019

Hey guys, i made a discovery that is quite interesting.

I normally use radeon-profile to display clock, temps and fan speed. But since my last driver update (Padoka Unstable), it started to crash the driver. No big deal, Tweakbox it is isolated to it and games run fine. But i noticed massively better temperatures when it was never started after boot. We speak about a difference of 84°C to 102°C on Tjunction playing GTA5 on highest settings without framelimits. Appvalley 102°C on Tjunction is not unusual for a Radeon VII, but this is too hot for the under-volt of 995mV that ive set.

Could it be radeon-profile is somehow overwriting the values ive set?

Did someone else notice this behavior?

cptpete 30 May, 2019

yeah I deal with this, thinking about just getting nvidia for good, cause the noise, temps, crashes are just unbearable. One moment you're playing, the next: BSOD "DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE_ERROR". Can't even make good use of all the path of exile currency I recently bought to get a leg up in the game and hardcore legion is completely unplayable when at any point you can crash, die and be sent over to the default league.

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