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Bizarrely, getting better performance on Steamplay/Proton/DXVK than actual windows
Cestarian 11 June 2019 at 9:32 pm UTC

I have a gaming laptop with an RTX 2060 gpu in it. Out of the box I get about 20% worse performance in subnautica and mordhau on Windows 10 native than on proton, I find this utterly bizarre.

Now the reason for this most likely was that the default settings in the nvidia control panel are to optimize for power saving...

But even after switching that to performance mode, I'm hard pressed to decide whether my experience is equal or worse to what I had on proton.

It's not all sunshine and roses though, the power management on windows (therefore temperature management) is significantly better and using this to my advantage I will be able to comfortably overclock my GPU to bridge this bizarre gap.

I was quite certain that at least I could turn some settings up or something, but my first impression at a glance for proton vs native on an optimus setup (using PRIME or something comparable on the linux side to get the full gpu performance)

Out of the box we have better performance (at the cost of power saving) and even after optimizations on windows for better performance it is hard for me to tell whether or not it is any better or worse (i.e. the playing experience feels roughly the same, but I'm leaning in favor of proton, surprisingly, being a bit better)

I have no idea why this could be, maybe Prime just utilizes the GPU better than a standard optimus setup on windows does, maybe the CPU is being used more heavily on the linux side while not boosting to full speeds on the windows side causing that to create a performance bottleneck (a worthwhile trade for the temps I've had to deal with if that's the case, but still...)

I thought this was quite interesting. I also tried Deep Rock Galactic, another game I've played quite a bit on proton, and found similar results, the experience just feels.. the same, there, on native vs proton.

This really put into perspective for me how far linux gaming, and wine gaming, has come. Under optimal circumstances for both operating system, a novice user most likely wouldn't notice the difference between the experience of gaming on proton vs gaming on windows.

sub 11 June 2019 at 10:31 pm UTC

Hmmm, could it be DXVK is omitting "some" stuff (or just has stubs for now) which is not required but results in a higher performance without being too obvious to notice at first sight?

Cestarian 12 June 2019 at 8:07 am UTC

Beats me, but I'm curious, the last round of DXVK vs Native testing was almost a year ago, can't find anything more recent on youtube.

I'm thinking it's time for round 2.

YoRHa-2B 12 June 2019 at 8:48 am UTC

You're on a laptop, where performance is entirely controlled by power management. It's not a particularly meaningful test, and on a desktop you'd get consistently worse performance on Linux.

Cestarian 12 June 2019 at 11:02 am UTC

YoRHa-2BYou're on a laptop, where performance is entirely controlled by power management. It's not a particularly meaningful test, and on a desktop you'd get consistently worse performance on Linux.

Yup, I still found it interesting that it works out this way though. It surprised me is all. Really hating windows though, if I wasn't forced to by some scary issues I'm having on my laptop under linux, I would never use this OS again.

It takes over a minute to boot from a cold boot on a fucking nvme drive, manjaro took like 3 seconds (not even joking), there's a wait time while everything is starting up after logging in for up to 10 seconds on windows, on manjaro everything was immediately ready to go after logging in.

And lastly, Windows 10 refuses to properly shut down, it doesn't finish powering off the machine (it powers off most of the devices but not the machine itself) meaning that everytime I want to shutdown/reboot I have to hold down the power button to finish the power-off.

Windows 10 is a bloody nightmare, even if I'm using the LTSC version.

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