Testing new Mesa ACO shader compiler for AMD
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Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
Valve developers asked to help test and benchmark the new shader compiler they are working on.

This is a thread for posting benchmarks if you have any.

Mesa repo that contains the compiler: https://github.com/daniel-schuermann/mesa

* Testing instructions.
* Bug reporting.

Compiler is enabled by default. To disable it and use regular amdgpu/llvm compiler with the same Mesa build, set the environment variable:



* https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/valve-are-asking-for-help-testing-aco-a-new-mesa-shader-compiler-for-amd-graphics.14502
* https://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1602634609636894200
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
TW3 in Wine/esync+dxvk



Not bad! It produced around +3 fps for me on average (+3.6% improvement) in the busy street in Novigrad.

GPU: Sapphire Pulse Vega 56
Resolution: 1920x1200.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.

I had to use llvm 8.0.1 though, since 9.0 snapshot currently causes a GPU hang. So would be interesting to compare with 9.0 once it will be fixed.
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
I don't have blender installed currently, but if you have some instructions how to do it (specific scenario?) I can try.

Plus, I'm not sure how recent Blender is in Debian testing now, due to freeze (it will end soon though).
x_wing 3 Jul, 2019
I was wondering, should we clear the shaders cache?
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
Quoting: x_wingI was wondering, should we clear the shaders cache?

Mesa does it by the version, so I'd say no need. New build will have a different version.
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
I think it's currently only active for radv, so OpenGL benchmarks will need to wait.
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
They plan to enable it for radeonsi, but now focus on radv.
QuoteQ: Is it radv-only or will RadeonSI work?
A: radv for now, but we intend to look at RadeonSI once things are farther along.
Koopacabras 3 Jul, 2019

I'm having troubles compiling. What flag should I pass to -dri-drivers?? seems that part is failing? just swrast is ok??
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
Quoting: chancho_zombie@Shmerl

I'm having troubles compiling. What flag should I pass to -dri-drivers?? seems that part is failing? just swrast is ok??

I used my usual Mesa build script (except using the relevant git repo for the source instead of upstream one). It built fine without setting any dri-drivers.

The relevant part ($arch_dir is my variable):

-Ddri-drivers= \
-Ddri-drivers-path="${arch_dir["64"]}" \
"-Dvulkan-drivers=amd" \
Koopacabras 3 Jul, 2019
it seems to me that the nine state tracker is not building.
Shmerl 3 Jul, 2019
I usually only build radeonsi and radv, so not sure what's going on with Nine.

You can see how Debian builds stock Mesa here: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=mesa&arch=amd64&ver=19.1.1-1&stamp=1561995279&raw=0

I used that as a starting point for my script.

Since it's just for testing purposes, you can skip everything but radv altogether. Don't replace your regular Mesa with it. Just run the game on demand with the built one placed in dedicated location. That's what I do.
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