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Remote Play Performance
entropie commented on 12 July 2019 at 2:22 pm UTC

So I figured lately, I have to do something about my encoding/decoding performance on Remote Play. Besides ordering a Ryzen 3900X, which I still have to wait for, I tried AMD GPU encoding via VAAPI or VDPAU. I have both installed and switched it on in Steam Host and Client but I doesnt work. I quickly ran out of configuration options then and the steam streaming client isnt reporting attempts to use the two at all. So from what I have read about it, Steam just disabled it due to performance issues, I dont know.

So I tried to improve my software encoding and figured, upon using 8 threads I get a massive improve on the fps. Seems like, if the encoding is done on multiple threads, it lessens the amount of single cpu loads and therefore leaves room for the 2 or 4 threads in Star Citizen or Anthem to get the full power. That is pretty amazing.

Does anyone by chance has experience with AMD GPUs and Remote Play and what I can do, to improve my setup further. I am streaming per 5 Ghz Wlan which is pretty good and I reduced maximum bandwidth to 10 Mbit to lower strain on the CPU. That is working out and the bandwidth limit is met only on occasion, what you can see in image tearing. Happens tho very rarely.

Thx for your thoughts,
Greetings ~ent

entropie commented on 22 July 2019 at 7:40 am UTC

Update: The Ryzen 9 solved it. Amazing h.264 performance as well as shader compile times. It may only be better by like 15 % in gaming than a 2700X but in applications it overtakes the 9900. Pretty amazing

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