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Refund for rust linux users being deined after being promised.
g000h commented on 9 September 2019 at 2:33 am UTC

There are a few reasons I'm not planning to refund.

- It is one of my favourite games and I have poured hundreds of hours into it. (I feel it has earned my money.)
- It was running okay on Linux for most of the time I had played it.
- It is still possible to run it using Proton on EAC-disabled RUST servers, but there aren't many of those around
- I might play it again on Proton either on an EAC-disabled server, or hopefully when Proton supports EAC (fingers crossed).
- If I cave in and decide that I really want to play it, I can resort to hated OS, Windows 10, and play it there.

dubigrasu commented on 9 September 2019 at 2:30 pm UTC

I must say, I'm seeing a lot of resentment against Facepunch and Rust itself (for obvious reasons that we are all aware of). Consequently, people are rushing to refund the game, some because they'd like to "punish" Facepunch, some because they can't or won't play it anymore, and some evidently because they never liked the game. All reasonable motives in my book.

At the same time though, the game is still playable. Yes, through Proton, yes, only on EAC disabled servers and sadly yes, there's barely anyone playing it on those servers. One of the reasons of course being that virtually nobody knows about them.
But I feel that if only a portion of those many users (currently upset about missing Rust) would actually join one of those existing servers, things could be a bit different.

So, if you still like and have Rust, you can try one of these servers:
GamingOnLinux =
Tux Rust =
Egee's Rowdy Ranch = /

Out of these, the most "populated" server is Tux Rust, with a whopping number of 11 users ever connected, with a "peak" of 6 users at one time.
On Egee's Rowdy Ranch there's probably 2 or 3, maybe.
On GamingOnLinux there's only one, me.

The performance though, is excellent, I don't think I ever had Rust running so good even in the good days.
The tricky part is that you need to connect manually, through the game's command line. EAC disabled servers don't appear in the "Play" list, and actually clicking "Play" will crash/hang the game.
Another option would be to bring up the View > Servers window from Steam, and add there the server address to favorites. Then you can use the same window to connect directly.

But again, if you're the regular Rust player accustomed to join huge servers and unleash mayhem, well, you'll likely won't find the same experience on these servers, but is better than nothing, I guess?

Anyway, hopefully in time we'll have EAC working and get back in business as usual, so my advice would be to hold on a little longer before refunding, unless of course your mind is already set.

MyPawnsEatPpl commented on 9 September 2019 at 10:51 pm UTC

I just wrote that they're offering refunds because they're dropping Linux support as the reason for the refund. Mine was refunded within a day or two.

saildata commented on 10 September 2019 at 3:49 am UTC

Refunded in under 1 hour with the following ticket:

QuoteRequesting refund under developer blog/policy listed here:

Kuduzkehpan commented on 10 September 2019 at 4:59 pm UTC

requested refund for this Linux hatred developments game.
so say we all
no tux no bucks.

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