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valve futex/fsync patches have been ported to zen kernel
The_Aquabat commented on 7 September 2019 at 8:42 pm UTC

I´m a big fan of the zen kernel somehow I missed this and didn't notice the update till now, but since the 25th of august fsync/futex valve patches have been ported to zen kernel. I think that means zen kernel 5.2.11 and above.

I'm just trying zen kernel 5.2.13 zen1 (manually compiled) and it seems to be working ok.
I don't know if this is included in the liquorix ppa
I'm not sure if liquorix carries the same patches.

If anyone doesn't know what futex/fsync patch is, it is an improvement of the esync implementation to better integrate to Proton and improve performance, some proton games have a huge benefit in terms of performance from that patch.

You might want to update because this is a newer kernel than the 5.0.20 at the valve ppa repo.

massatt212 commented on 17 September 2019 at 10:46 pm UTC

can you compile one with Kernel 4.18
Some reason my Mesa and AMDVLK driver doesnt work with any newer Kernels above 5.0
Ubuntu 18.04.3

The_Aquabat commented on 18 September 2019 at 6:25 pm UTC

massatt212can you compile one with Kernel 4.18
Some reason my Mesa and AMDVLK driver doesnt work with any newer Kernels above 5.0
Ubuntu 18.04.3

zen kernel only maintains 5.2, 5.3 and 5.1 branches.

massatt212 commented on 21 September 2019 at 5:19 pm UTC

can you help me out a bit
i install Ubuntu 18.04 and some reason no Kernel Above 4.18/4.19 plays games properly, their is huge fps drops like 50% performance
Ubuntu 19.04 Works properly with any Kernel, but ubuntu 19 not working with some games
i used ukuu to install 4.18 just to check performance and it goes back up to normal
idk if i have to upgrade my llvm RADV idk i rather use Ubuntu 18, cause i can swap sessions to SteamOS for the Console look
if im install Kernel wrong can some one advice me on how to do it

The_Aquabat commented on 22 September 2019 at 1:14 am UTC

I'm using KDE neon which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and I don't notice any performance drop. You can still use kernel 4.19 here you can download the latest
it's a long term support kernel so it should be safe to use daily

just download the file that's named  linux-image-unsigned-4.19.75-041975-generic_4.19.75-041975.201909210733_amd64.deb

open a terminal go to where the file is located , probably you need to cd to Downloads folder like this

cd ~/Downloads

and then install it with this command
sudo dpkg -i --force-all   linux-image-unsigned-4.19.75-041975-generic_4.19.75-041975.201909210733_amd64.deb

It would be useful to know what's you hardware maybe this is some regression affecting your hardware? not sure. I'm on polaris hardware and it's been more than three years since I had any regression.

Unfortunately the fsync patch hasn't been ported to older kernels. But esync should work.

Shmerl commented on 23 September 2019 at 1:26 am UTC

What's a zen kernel exactly? The repo doesn't give any description.

lucinos commented on 23 September 2019 at 12:56 pm UTC

ShmerlWhat's a zen kernel exactly? The repo doesn't give any description.

They customize Linux for optimal desktop experience.

Once upon a time they had a wiki that explained everything. Unfortunately they lost it for ever and now nobody really knows. Since every information about the project is lost for ever one should wonder how it is still going.

The_Aquabat commented on 26 September 2019 at 4:16 am UTC

QuoteAs I understood it: - latest release tag for 5.2 branch has commit f39367fdbc68e8b1e623239d13db6efaa5a67ae1 in it, this is probably the one people will want to build if still on 5.2 for some reason

f39367fdbc68e8b1e623239d13db6efaa5a67ae1 hasn't been included in (released 4 days ago), but it has been merged into 5.3/master 3 days ago, which means that to get fsync on 5.3.x release needs to either:
- go linux-zen-git (which tracks and builds off 5.3/master branch) or
- wait for the next 5.3.x-zen1 tag release
(edit: deleted an option that didn't make sense in the context - obviously)

thanks for the clarification so zen 5.2.13 and upwards should have the patch. Hopefully zen 5.3.2 will carry it too.

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