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Everspace on Linux using bumblebee
segfault_ii commented on 17 September 2019 at 8:51 pm UTC

I tried to run Everspace on my Fedora 30 x64 system using bumblebee and optirun/primusrun (Nvidia GTX 1060).
I tried several combinations of "optirun/primusrun" commands, with LD_PRELOAD-variable set or without, using --syslibs or without.
Combinations I tried:

Unmodified start scripts:
optirun faulted
optirun --syslibs: faulted
primusrun faulted
primusrun --syslibs: faulted
optirun xterm -e faulted
primusrun xterm -e faulted

Modified start scripts (,, adding a LD_PRELOAD variable like explained: here
optirun faulted
optirun --syslibs: faulted
primusrun faulted
primusrun --syslibs: faulted

Modified start scripts, adding optirun/primusrun in the command:
optirun: faulted
optirun: faulted

The only combination that actually worked was
optirun -b primus --syslibs

I found the hint to get it running here.

I post this just in case anyone else is trying to get this up and running.
Oh - I used the version 1.3.4.

Hope this is of any help

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