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ARK Survival cave glitches
Henrryparth 19 Sep, 2019

Hello everyone,,
Can someone help me test ARK caves with nvidia driver? Previously I had problems with all ARK caves. There was many glitches witch did not allow me to enter the cave. But now I tested few caves in "The Island" map and "Scorched Earth" and I did not see any large glitches. I do not know who fixed them, because I have lates ARK patch (264.33) and lates nvidia driver (384.59).

I need this, because nvidia currently testing ARK and, may be, I am missing something. I found few new glitches with water and, off course, it still does not look as good, as windows version, but I want to find out, is there any critical glitch like all caves had before.

I have good news from nvidia about Master of Orion.

GustyGhost 29 Sep, 2019

ARK has been broken on Linux-based operating systems since forever and the Wildcard team have clearly demonstrated that they either do not possess the talent or the willpower to do anything about it. In fact, ARK is one of the reasons I decided to stop tolerating proprietary games altogether. A graphics chip vendor shouldn't ever have to step in to fix long-broken issues on behalf of lazy/incompetent "developers".

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