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Stadia Founders Thread
drlamb commented on 7 October 2019 at 4:44 pm UTC

A thread aimed at those who have pre-ordered the Stadia Founders Edition to discuss their justifications for doing so.

I'll start.

QuoteQuestion: What is your home internet?

I happen to be blessed with a Fiber internet connection (1000/1000 Mbps) and enough expendable income to experiment.

QuoteQuestion: Am I giving up Steam/GOG/Local Gaming?

No. I love building computers and tuning the operating system. It's what I do every day. I'm always going to have a local machine to run games for as long as ODMs continue to make modular PC components. High-end VR is also a hell of a drug and impossible to deliver from the cloud (yet).

QuoteQuestion: Why did you purchase the Stadia founders edition (then)?

Do I support the future where we don't own our games? No. But, at this current time I don't truly "own" most of my games as the majority of my library is on Steam anyway. I do however support the future of Linux gaming. And it is my hope that showing interest in Stadia will also cause more Linux-native releases and development around Linux in general. If a game is on Steam, I will play it on Steam bar none. (new SteamOS when valve?)

My only fear is that certain games will be Stadia-locked due to proton incompatibilities to prevent this goal. For example:

Destiny 2: Doesn't Run on Proton (yet), Launch day title for Stadia (and included since it's also F2P).

Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar's new launcher (and potential new DRM) pose an uncertain proton compatibility, launch title for Stadia (and likely without the equivalent launcher).

But back on track, I love Valve and their contributions to Linux Gaming. My interest in Stadia is also due to my interest in the technology such as the special controller and the "Console" as a service in the cloud. Stadia as a service is how the industry is trending and I truly believe the future is the data center. It's also exciting as an AMD fan to watch them succeed and continue to push their Linux support forward. I'm highly interested in how they're orchestrating these instances.

At the end of the day competition in this space is needed to compete with PSN, XBOX, and Geforce Now and I welcome the experiences only Google/Stadia can deliver with Linux.

It'll also be interesting to see Google's work with Debian in parallel to Valve who have stated they're rather tired of Debian's toolings.

I just meant this as a rough jot of some of my thoughts on why I pre-ordered Stadia. Feel free to add any questions.

thoughtfulhippo commented on 7 October 2019 at 9:51 pm UTC

I've been on the fence about Stadia for a while, but I just pre-ordered today, and then saw your post here.

The reasons why I'm interested are:

  • Being able to play Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on Linux. I don't see either of those titles coming to Linux anytime soon, and while Borderlands 3 runs on Proton, I'm not prepared to put money Epic's way and use a tool that Valve developed.

  • Being able to play those games on differently capable devices. I have two kids, a desktop rig (that, shamelessly, I also need for work), one game capable laptop (just), an ultraportable, and several tablets. There are often disagreements over whose turn it is on the laptop (when I'm working).

  • Get a Chromecast which I was considering purchasing anyway

  • It'll be like a family xmas present (also I can save by not spending a fortune on Steam sales)

The reasons why I'm apprehensive:

  • It's not obvious which games are actually included with Stadia Pro (other than Destiny 2). I've seen the list of games available at launch, but not seen any confirmation these are free on Pro, or "available to buy".

  • I've no idea what the quality of the experience will be like. I've decent cable internet, but 1080p will be good enough.

  • The controller is proprietary, and not usable with anything else.

While I have reasonable faith Google will deliver, it does feel like I'm backing a Kickstarter project with an unknown outcome, rather than buying a product.

Redface commented on 9 October 2019 at 7:53 pm UTC

I ordered the foundation edition to try new stuff out, I am interested in games getting streamed, but none of the other solutions yet seemed for me, I do not want to use Windows for it. If it turns out I will not use it much then I think I still get some money for the chromecast and controller, or find other uses for it.

I will still buy native games, just as I also still buy movies despite having several streaming subscriptions.
And I do not think I will buy any of the games on Stadia, but I am ok with a subscription that will give me access to some games, and then I can cancel and resubscribe at a later time. Ubiplay+ will also come to Stadia next year so more games to rent,

Liam Dawe commented on 9 October 2019 at 9:15 pm UTC

QuoteQuestion: What is your home internet?
350Mbps down/20Mbps up - should be plenty for it, sat right next to my router with wired networking...

QuoteQuestion: Am I giving up Steam/GOG/Local Gaming?
Lol no. Nothing will replace a good local PC for sooooo many reasons.

QuoteQuestion: Why did you purchase the Stadia founders edition (then)?
For GamingOnLinux work, gotta keep up with the times ;) - if it runs on Linux well, we need to know about it.

I'm still totally unsure if I will ever use it for personal play. I suppose that depends on how good the experience is.

What worries me, is hardware acceleration not being in Chrome on Linux, just how much of an issue is this going to cause? Extra lag on the video, extra input lag, what? Chrome need to sort that out and soon.

If it does work though, it will be a way for me to play a few games that are mostly online that are likely years away from working in even Steam Play (and Stadia exclusives from their first-party dev studios).

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