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[done] redirect to current page after logging in
geekening 6 Nov, 2019

yo liam whenever i log in im redirected back to the home page. this sucks when im viewing an article and want to comment so i click log in and then i'm back on the home page and i gotta find the article again :(

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 6 November 2019 at 4:35 pm UTC

Liam Dawe 6 Nov, 2019

It already does redirect if you use the login box at the bottom of an article to comment.

Will think on the best way to handle when using the link, as we don't want it to happen all the time or it might redirect you to somewhere useless.

geekening 6 Nov, 2019

perhaps in the login module right under the 'stay logged in' checkbox you could have 'redirect to previous page after logging in'

Liam Dawe 6 Nov, 2019

I've now added in a redirect to articles when you click the Login link. Decided against the extra checkbox you suggested though. Seems to work fine :)

geekening 6 Nov, 2019

awesome!!! thank you :D :D :D

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