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COH2 Ardenes Assault outlast Germans supplies??
The_Aquabat 19 Nov, 2019

Hi guys, I don't understand this game. The fourth mission is really really hard. The mission objective is to deplenish the victoy points, the only way it counts is with kill made by vehicles . More or less I'm able to defend my self, but no more than that. The problem is that the AI gets tons of vehicles much more faster than me. I can defend half of the map, but that is not enough. With the bazookas of the ranger more or less I can kill their vehicles but then the AI gets mortars and bombers, more or less I can kill the mortar vehicles but then I am to slow to get the anti-air tanks unlocked on time, and I get smashed and squashed with their air bomb attacks. So my question is maybe I am not playing this game the way it should my idea was to slowly kill the AI units because I think their not infinite at some point I will take the advantage, but it seems to me that the AI has infinite resources. so the only way to win this game is to get all the fuels and munitions points in the map?? there's no other way of winnning this. If you give the AI half the map that's too much, even if you defend well and kill more units than the AI is not enough.

What I need to beat the AI is to build units faster than him. But I don't understand really the resource management. Fuel caches and munitions cache are that important?? anyone knows a guide on how to better manage fuel and munitions cache??
I just don't get this game. I've been trying to beat this mission for two days!!. I have put about 20 hours on the soviet campaign but this mission is really really hard. It seems to me it's aimed to a more competitive public, not the casual gamer like me.

I've read somewhere that the key to win this mission is to build anti tank guns, but that not worked for me, because they were all killed by their air bombing attacks.

The time I was closer to win was using the Mechanized vehicle commander, using the cavalry mechanized units at the start so I killed a lot of units at the start with the armored trucks machine guns.

Also I don't get how to heal the infantry units, they will heal automatically if I put an ambulance near?? or how this is done?? are ambulances that crucial in the game?? this game has far more micro management that what I normally play, I normally play slow paced tactical games with a lot of tinkering, (I'm more into turn based tactical games).

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 19 November 2019 at 1:22 am UTC

The_Aquabat 19 Nov, 2019

Ok I finally did it. geez .... that was some darn hard mission . The key was to build five or six rear echelon troops at the start and having enough fuel, and then repair repair and repair, (the tanks with the rear echelons). Didn't know how to repair tanks, there's so many things about this game that I don't understand, I still don't get how to heal units with the ambulance.

having a central point of the map with 3 or 4 ranger units armed with bazookas and 2 or three tanks also was important just try to defend there and if the tanks get hit with anti tank gun artillery repair fast with the rear echelons.
Also anti tank guns are not that important, rangers with bazookas will work as well.

Don't let the germans capture damaged tanks also 1 it's ok but if they get too many it's get really hard. And also don't let the germans capture the fuel points so they don't have enough fuel to repair the damaged tanks scattered across the map. If they capture another points of the map (that are not fuel points) it's ok because it won't be enough fuel to repair that much of tanks.

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 19 November 2019 at 10:28 am UTC

The_Aquabat 19 Nov, 2019

I was able to finish that mission but all of the strength of my companies is so low that I won't make it till the end of the game. I still don't get this, the USA forces have no Anti Air defenses?? there is no way of defending against them, except maybe not putting the units all together, rather scattered so that way if they get air bombed only a few get killed?? Really no anti air defenses?

There is a halftrack anti-air vehicle but I´m half way of the campaign and still it hasn't unlocked. I only have the standard halftrack vehicle.

Also I still don't get the strength points . Only if a unit is killed it will deplenish or everytime I ask for reinforcements strength points will get deducted??

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 19 November 2019 at 10:31 am UTC

The_Aquabat 19 Nov, 2019

I know what the problem is with this game the AI cheats!! I can't believe developers should be ashamed for doing such thing. I doesn't matter what you do, they always know where you are and also the get way more advanced troops faster like heavy tanks assault guns and long range artillery that it's almost impossible to get with the US air forces so fast.

Now I think I'll feel better for sucking that bad. You devs cheaters!!

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