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Steam Controller Got Discontinued
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Patola 2 Dec, 2019

damarrinThat is all true, and if you can’t use a mouse and keyboard it’s a better alternative. It is, however, not very good as a pad.
What do you mean "not best as a pad"...then which one is the best?
I think I got what he meant. The left touchpad is usually programmed to be a D-Pad, but it doesn't feel the same, and it seems less intuitive than a "real" D-Pad which isn't even in the shape of a disc. However... I was able to kind of improve that in sc-controller by programming the left touchpad to have feedback enabled when pressed and also by decreasing its diagonal range to 1°.

dubigrasu 2 Dec, 2019

Ah, I see. (for some reason I thought he's talking about the right pad)
Well, is true that this is maybe the most common complain about SC, namely its D-Pad is not very good.
I'm not very affected by this, but rings true.

Would be nice (maybe) if the SC would come with some accessories, in this case a D-Pad shape that you can snap in place for those needing it.

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namiko 2 Dec, 2019

I sincerely hope they'll do a v2 instead of dropping it. It was hard enough to get them in Canada as-is. :(

The D-pad is one of the best parts, it didn't really even need a "click" function. Don't remember what console company made "click-in" a function for controller joysticks first (Xbox IIRC?), but it's a terrible thing for anyone with RSI, or anyone trying to avoid it. At least it's there for proper compatibility's sake for other games, I suppose... doesn't matter about the shape being different, traditional D-pads are a bit hard on fingers anyways. (The Wiimote's D-pad isn't bad, but Metroid: Other M is kind of painful to play for too long.)

I'd buy another Steam Controller just in case, but would it be worth it? Last I checked Steam didn't accept online Steam Controller orders from Canada... and we already have four, but OTOH they also see heavy use and might break someday so having a spare would be good... gah! :S:

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Maath 2 Dec, 2019

I just found out about this and I am disappointed that I never got one of these controllers. Having grown up with consoles and arcades, before PC gaming got big, I haven't enjoyed gaming with keyboard and mouse as much as with other input devices. I like to be able to recline and view a large screen while gaming. Without a special chair or some kind of device to hold the keyboard and mouse, I can't see how that is possible. Probably such a thing exists, but it doesn't seem too common.

I think it is funny the comments the PC master race folks make about the superiority of their platform of choice. I can understand the fundamental claim that the PC is versatile, but without a controller such as the this I think couch gaming becomes much more difficult.

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